The Panther's Lost Princess

McKenna Dean
The Panther's Lost Princess
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Redclaw Publishing
Release Date
September 2017
Book 1 of Redclaw Security Book 1
Paranormal Romance

Ellie West has always known there was more to her story than being abandoned at birth. A child of the foster-care system, she didn't get many breaks, but the one thing she can do is sing. It's her only ticket out of poverty and obscurity. Nothing else matters, not even the nagging sense that she's different. She's headed for great things. She only needs a chance.

Jack Ferris couldn't agree more. His firm, the elite paranormal agency Redclaw Security, has been hired to find a missing princess and return her to her family. Discovering that Ellie, a waitress in a hole-in-the-wall diner, is both the princess and his fated mate is like being hit with a sledgehammer. Ellie West can't be his mate. She's the mission.

The sooner Jack completes this job, the better, only Ellie has no intention of throwing her dreams away for a kingdom she's never known. With hired assassins on their trail, Ellie might not have a choice. They must do whatever it takes to stay alive.

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Oct 30, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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She has always felt alone. Abandoned as a child to the foster care system, she never felt like she belonged. Waitressing pays the bills but she wants more from life. Singing is the one thing that gives her a chance at something better and lets her shine. She is all set for a singing contest to change her life when it goes in a very different direction. She learns she is from a powerful shifter family and her grandfather wants her to return home. The man sent to bring her home calls to her. She wants a life with him but it is his job to leave. Will the future she faces be the one she chooses?

Ellie West seems like your average small town waitress at first. She was left as a child by her parents and has no idea of who they are and why they abandoned her. It has left her with low self-esteem. Her singing is the only thing that brings her real attention, otherwise she fades into the background. When an attractive man starts flirting with her at the diner, she takes a risk. He reveals there are paranormals and she is the princess of a powerful clan. Her grandfather has her life mapped out for her but she doesn't want that future. She wants Jack, the man sent to bring her home.

Jack Ferris is a panther who takes his missions seriously. He is there to bring Ellie home. He didn't expect the attraction and to realize she is his mate. She is not supposed to belong to him and he is expected to leave her at the end of the mission. The danger she faces brings out all his protective instincts. His job is important to him but his mate deserves his ultimate loyalty.

The story has that fairytale aspect in terms of a young abandoned girl finding out she is actually a princess. Ellie lives a very sad life within the foster system with no family of her own and few friends. She always hoped her family would return but as the years went by, she gave up on that dream. Her only dream at this point is to use her singing talent to obtain success. When Jack reveals the truth, she discovers she has a family and could live a royal life with plenty of money and power. It is at that point that she realizes her true dream is to be loved and Jack is the only prince she wants.

The author alternates the point of view between both characters which gives you a better perspective on each of the character's motivations and choices. It endears you to both Ellie and Jack as you realize how loyal they are to those they love and how willing they are to take risks to keep others safe from harm. They have a strong bond from that very first meeting and the chemistry feels very real. Jack wants to keep her safe and wants her to have a great life even if it means he loses her. It is easy for the reader to want them to have their happily ever after.

The story has a good mix of romance and action. Not everyone wants the princess to return and take her rightful place on the throne. Some are willing to kill her to keep her from returning home to her clan so Ellie and Jack face some dangerous situations. The action helps showcase Jack's strengths and just how deep his feelings are for Ellie. It keeps the storyline moving to a satisfying conclusion.
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