The Induction of Satine

JL Peridot
The Induction of Satine
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JL Peridot
Release Date
November 2017
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

Satine didn't believe in lunar prisons. That is, until she got shipped out to the one on her planet's outermost moon. There, she's assigned to Warden Jet — a fine specimen on the facility payroll — highborn, broad shouldered, fit as fuck and intent on ‘rehabilitating' his new charge.


Suddenly, the room felt unbearably warm. Fear mounted against the drugs and my hands began to shake. But I gripped the uniform tightly as Warden Jet stood over me.

He unclasped my bonds. I stripped down to my underwear and dumped my clothes in a basket. Shoes, socks, jewellery too. I stood almost naked in front of this uniformed stranger, a man who I guessed would have far more power over me than I was used to. I hated being told what to do. Most of all by people who decided they knew better. I could spot men like that a mile off.

But as I removed the last of my clothing, I realised I wasn't seeing that in Warden Jet. He exuded a calm, a quiet confidence absent in men who lorded their power over other people. The way he spoke to me, the touch of his hands as he escorted me here; everything about him seemed different.

Still, I kept my wits about me. I knew trust-inducing sedatives could be administered through the air. And the air in here had a suspicious hint of sweetness in its sterility. I kept my eyes on him, watching his eyes sweep over me. I bit my tongue and stood steady, but my body still flushed under his gaze. My heart pounded; I could feel the blood pumping in my neck and hands.

I thought I caught a hint of a smile and my skin prickled all over. My chest tightened, my nipples tightened and something blossomed between my legs.

All this, just from being watched by him.

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Dec 19, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THE INDUCTION OF SATINE is a fast read and what I would qualify as a naughty nooner. Bit of fun reading to enjoy on your lunch break. Well, okay, maybe a work lunch isn't the best time to read this story, depends on where you work. At only about 5,000 words, this story leaves out more details than it shares and I repeatedly found myself wishing the story was expanded as I was left with more questions than were answered.

The story starts a bit slow but keep with it, it gets better. Told in first person point of view, we meet Satine Luna who has been sent to prison for pick pocketing. As the story progresses, we learn that what she'd only imagined to be stories turned out to be true. Wardens do exist and yes, there's a prison on the outer moon. From there, I bet you can guess what the induction is about and quite seriously, if that's what happens at some prisons with guards (wardens) who look like that, well then. Mmmm…

As a naughty story, this was a fun read but as I've said, I do wish that it was much longer.
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