Kiss Me, Bite Me

Sayara St. Clair
Kiss Me, Bite Me
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Sayara St. Clair
Release Date
April 2018
Book 1 of Blood Kissed
Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Comedy

I'd learned early on in life not to show weakness. Like messy emotions. Shedding tears in front of my family had a similar outcome to busting out of a shark cage wearing blood cologne.

The world hasn't treated Kayana Castello Branco particularly kindly. So it's no surprise to her when she literally bumps into her soul mate, only to find he's already taken. He's gorgeous, strong, smart, kind-every woman's ideal guy. Of course he's unavailable for soul-matey business.

When fate shows pity, putting Greg Morgan in her path a second time, the resulting collision is colossal. Their connection is epic, the stuff of romantic legends, fairy tales, sonnets. They're like Romeo and Juliet (only, the R-rated version).

But something has happened to Greg. Now, every time he gets near Ana, he gets long and hard…and pointy in the fang area. He doesn't know whether he wants to kiss her, lick her, do-that-thing-that-rhymes-with-duck her. Or bite and deprive her of every last molecule of haemoglobin.

Loving a newbie vampire with control issues really and truly sucks.

Book Review by Avonna Loves Genres (reviewer)
May 18, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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KISS ME, BITE ME (Blood Kissed #1) by Sayara St. Clair is described as a vampire paranormal romance, but it does not become a paranormal romance until well over halfway through the story. Normally because of this delay I would be disappointed, but the author's writing, dialogue and contemporary romance in the beginning of the book is very well written and kept me reading and enjoying Kayana and Greg's story.

Kayana Castello Branco is a scientist who studies blood. She overcame an abusive childhood and has never been secure in herself. Her one long-term relationship was lukewarm and ended the moment she bumped into a gorgeous stranger at a conference, but of course, with her luck he is taken.

Eight months later, Greg Morgan cannot believe his good fortune. He has once again run into the beautiful woman he could not forget. He is now free and the sparks are flying. Both Kayana and Greg believe they are the other's soulmate. Their relationship and sex are beyond perfect until Greg disappears.

When Greg reappears, both Kayana and Greg want to return to their perfect relationship, but Greg is having control issues over his newly turned reality. Fangs and an insatiable thirst for blood may ruin this romance.

I enjoyed Kayana and Greg and was pulled into their romance. They were both unlucky in love until they found each other and then it was explosive. There are explicit sex scenes, but they are well written and interwoven into the plot. The author has written realistic and witty dialogue that added to the emotional pull between the characters. It is hard to categorize this book because the paranormal turn starts so late in the book, but even with the switch, I still was satisfied with the hero and heroine's HEA. My only problem was that I do not feel that the cover is right for this book based on Kayana's description and Greg grew the fangs.
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