Bastard's New Baby

Raisa Greywood
Bastard's New Baby
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Changeling Press
Release Date
July 2018
Book 3 of Roosters
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Comedy

Jackson: I need a wife. I'd much rather keep my string of submissives and the occasional lady I can take out in public, but my job -- no, my very identity as Jackson McKenna, CEO of McKenna Logistics -- is at risk if I don't find some woman to marry. I wish I could find a woman who could do both. She would be intelligent, beautiful, of course, and be filthy enough to drop to her knees and service me in a parking lot before walking into a country club with perfect lipstick and manners. Nobody's that lucky, though. That woman doesn't exist.

Siobhan: I need a husband. I'd much rather focus my attention on Andy, my nephew and the son of my deceased sister. Despite my sister and her husband's wishes, his grandparents want his trust fund and threaten to take him from me. They call me a whore and say I'm not a good guardian because I'm not married. In this small Ohio town, their argument holds weight. But Siobhan Jane O'Malley doesn't roll over for anyone, and they're going to find out I fight dirty. And I'm going to have to get very dirty when Jackson McKenna makes me his wife.

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Feb 14, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Jackson McKenna needs a wife if he hopes to hold on to his position as CEO of McKenna Logistics and Siobhan O'Malley needs a husband if she has any hope of keeping her nephew away from the greedy fingers of his grandparents. When these two meet, it's a match of convenience that will easily take care of two problems.

Likes: Wow, where to begin. I loved-loved-loved Siobhan who was an amazing foil to all of Jackson's cocky AND arrogant ways. Her inner dialogue and language in general was a joy to read and I couldn't stop laughing. Jackson is absolutely in over his head with her as she's everything he could ever want in a partner, wife, and submissive; and he is so out of his league with her. I loved that all of Jackson's usual 'tricks' to get/keep a woman's interest fell on deaf ears with her. Even better that she managed to take every one of his preconceived notions and flip them around. And I'd be remiss if I didn't point out their chemistry together; those two were scorching hot when they came together.

I will confess that I'm not an avid reader of billionaire romances but since I'm a fan of Raisa Greywood, I snatched this up and she did not disappoint. Ms. Greywood had shared that part of her reason for writing this story was in response to CockyGate (look it up if you haven't heard about it), so some of it is meant to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but what she pulled off was so engaging I couldn't put it down. Tilting the billionaire trope on its side, Ms. Greywood managed to tick all my boxes of what makes for a good story giving me a few hours of pure entertainment. And this is definitely a story that I will happily read again.
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