The Affair

Felix Alexander
The Affair


Release Date
February 2019
Erotic Romance

Ever since his father left and younger brother died, Carlo Ruiz has immersed himself in his work living the kind of life other men aspire to achieve, but could only dream about: success, wealth, and attractive women willing to subjugate themselves to his sexual appetites. None of it, however, has filled the void left by the absence of his family.

When his estranged mother—on her deathbed—summons him to the childhood home he vowed he would never return, he is forced to confront the personal demons that have haunted him since his youth.

During his stay, he crosses paths with Annabelle Lagrandeur—his first love—who recently discovered her husband's affair. Their time together takes her mind off her heartbreak, and grants Carlo time to reassess his most recent, failed attempt at love with Julia Accardi.

Caught between his unresolved feelings about his mother, Annabelle's charm, and the intense attraction the forbidden courtship has awakened in him, Carlo must make a choice: honor the promise of hope he planted in Annabelle's heart, or embark on the path of love he first found with Julia.

But as his mother's condition worsens and his business dealings are affected by the distraction of his personal affairs, the return of Annabelle's husband forces her to reconsider love in lieu of divorce when she realizes her husband's involvement in undermining Carlo's career.


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