Allegro Court

Brenda Margriet
Allegro Court
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Brenda Margriet Clotildes
Release Date
March 2019
Book 1 of Bendixon Sisters
Contemporary Romance

Marcus Temple escaped his despised birthplace, driven by his passion for music. Now a sophisticated, world-class cellist, he must return when his mother suffers a severe stroke. Going back also means dealing with the woman whose heart he broke when he left—Mattie Bendixon.

More comfortable in overalls than orchestra seats, Mattie's childhood dreams were simple—working for her grandfather's construction company and building a life with Marcus. His ambitions forced her to abandon one goal, and now her beloved company is also under threat.

Mattie thinks she sees a way to save Bendixon and Sons—if she can convince Marcus to stay in his hated hometown for one month. All she has to risk is her heart.

Book Review by Avonna Loves Genres (reviewer)
Mar 28, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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ALLEGRO COURT (Bendixon Sisters Book 1) by Brenda Margriet is a second chance contemporary romance set in British Columbia by a new-to-me author. The heroine is one of three sisters and I believe this will be the first book of a trilogy. This romance does stand on its own.

Matilda "Mattie" Bendixon has strong family ties and she grew up knowing she would work with her grandfather in the family construction company in Prince George. She loves her job and could not imagine doing anything else. Mattie lost the boy she'd always loved to his classical musical career, so the business is her life. Lately business has been very slow and Mattie is worried about the company, but her grandfather refuses to admit it is anything other than a slump that will change.

Marcus Temple is a world-class classical cellist living in Vancouver. He has always despised his home town and left as soon as possible. His beloved father, who taught him his love of music, died when he was 15 and his mother barely realized he was there. The only bright spot in his summers' home was being with Mattie, but even that changed after high school. Now, he has been notified that his mother has had a stroke and he must return home to deal with his mother's health and face once again the girl whose heart he broke.

Mattie believes she can save Bendixon and Sons. She makes a wager with Marcus to let her company do a rehab of his mother's house over one month and in that month Marcus must stay in Prince George. While there is a financial incentive, it is really Mattie's heart that is at risk. Marcus could leave again or he can face the fears and misconceptions of the young boy who lost his father.

Mattie and Marcus are both such wonderful characters. I really did not know how they could come together, but Ms. Margriet does a beautiful job writing realistic feelings and motivations that end with a HEA with both sides changing and growing. The secondary characters are fully fleshed out and the secondary plotline of Mattie's grandfather and Marcus' mother coming together is heartwarming. I got just enough information about Mattie's two sisters to look forward to their stories, too. The sex scenes are explicit, but not overdrawn and I loved that the first one was included in the story (not everyone is always perfect). I can highly recommend this emotional second chance romance and I am looking forward to reading the sisters' stories.
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