A Knight and His Rose

Catherine Kean
A Knight and His Rose


Catherine Kean
Release Date
February 2019
Action/Adventure Romance, Clean Romance, Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Wanting a few moments alone to gaze at the stars, Lady Violetta Molineaux sneaks onto the estate of her enemy, Lord Osric Seabrook, to reach an ancient stone circle. There she's discovered by a bold knight, but convinces him she's a commoner and hurries away, only to fall into a mysterious underground tunnel on Seabrook lands.

Osric can't forget the beautiful woman he met at the ancient site. Could she be Violetta? He'd met her years ago but not since his return from Crusade. When he finds her trapped and hurt in the tunnel he didn't even know about, he rescues her and takes her to his castle. He soon confirms her identity but plays along with her ruse of being common-born. Yet, when shocking secrets are unearthed in the tunnel, Violetta must tell Osric who she really is--and they both must acknowledge generations-old truths that will change their lives forever.


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