Catching the Vixen

Kristen Strassel
Catching the Vixen


Release Date
March 2018
Book 4 of The Real Werewolves of Alaska
Paranormal Romance

The Real Werewives of Alaska is the hottest new reality show on TV.
Each week, a shapeshifting football player finds his forever mate.

Fiona Fox crashed a Real Werewives bachelor auction and was instantly offered a contract to be on the show. Doesn't matter that she's barely old enough to be on the show or that her mom's a contestant too. This dating reality show thing is a piece of cake.

Not so fast.

The sexy Bloodhound she bid on at the auction? He's the backup quarterback. To her dad. And if that's not enough of a complication, he's a lion shifter. She's a fox. In the wild, he'd be more likely to eat her than fall in love with her.

Her plan was to play with the big cat and move on, but after she shifts for the first time, her animal wants something more. Like forever. Tyler's worked his whole life for an opportunity to play pro football. Is he ready to get wild with this vixen?

These sports shifter romances can be read as standalones—but like with any reality show, they're best when binged!


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