Accidental Groom: A sizzling, sexy contemporary romance novel

Dana Mason
Accidental Groom: A sizzling, sexy contemporary romance novel


Release Date
April 2019
Book 1 of Accidental Love Series
Contemporary Romance

I'm Mac.
But you already know that, right?
You probably even recognize the sound of my voice…
Because I'm the radio host that wakes most of Sacramento up every morning. The sultry voice that blares out of your speakers when you're sipping your first coffee of the day, or driving to work, stuck in traffic. I'm the DJ that most of the women in Sacramento lust after.
Everyone knows me, knows my reputation: ladies' man, bad boy, eternally single commitment-phobe.
I have my own reasons for needing to stay single, my own demons to battle with. Scars that don't show, but that stop me from getting close to anyone.
Except, after one hell of a drunken accident, I've woken up married. To a gorgeous green-eyed girl, Kelley, I only met yesterday in a coffee shop.
A killer hangover later, it turns out that this playboy is off the market.

But there are three problems:
1) I'm married to a girl I met less than twenty-four hours ago.
2) No woman has ever been able to change my ways – who says that Kelley's going to be any different?
3) Kelley must be the one lady in this city who doesn't know who I am – and that means she doesn't know about my past, about the issues that haunt me.

So I might be taken, but the question is… for how long?


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