Never Say I Want You

Amy Pennza
Never Say I Want You


Scribble Pretty Books
Release Date
May 2019
Book 2 of Never Say
Contemporary Romance

An arranged marriage. Two people who can't stand each other. A by the book lawyer and a high-class escort.

What could go wrong?

Juan Salvatierra has spent his whole life running from his father's legacy. Crime made his family rich, but he'd rather be dirt poor than have blood on his hands. Some might say he ran too far in the other direction—joining the prosecutor's office straight out of law school and then becoming the youngest district attorney in Texas history.

Blood might be thicker than water, but he got where he is by distancing himself from the Salvatierra crime family. Except there's one family member he just can't quit…and she might be the most dangerous one of all.

Now, a surprise inheritance means reconnecting with the woman who stole his heart eight years ago—and then tore it to pieces.

Catalina Salvatierra is used to faking it. Faking her name. Faking her accent. Faking desire. She's built a nice little career as an escort—and she doesn't care one bit what people think of her. She especially doesn't care what one particular person thinks of her.

Her entire life is built on pretense. Raised by the Salvatierras after her father died in their service, she's always been an outsider…except for that one time she fell in love with one of their sons. Juan Salvatierra is part of her past, and he has no place in her future. When he shows up with an offer he won't let her refuse, she's got no choice but to pretend.

Pretend she doesn't miss him.
Pretend she doesn't like him.
Pretend she doesn't want him.

Now she just has to convince her heart to listen to her head.


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