Jennifer's Christmas Daddy

Raisa Greywood
Jennifer's Christmas Daddy
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Release Date
November 2019
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Santa isn't the only one who knows a good girl when he sees one...

With no two-legged companions to share the holiday, veterinarian Jennifer Dane volunteers to take the Christmas shift at the clinic. She's got naughty books, a fridge full of treats, and some furry friends to keep her company. Things couldn't get much merrier. That is, until Kaden McLeod wrecks his car near the hospital, and it's Jennifer who patches the former military man up. In the process, it quickly becomes obvious that the two have a chemistry hot enough to singe mistletoe.

A daddy with all the best sugar for good girls, Kaden quickly earns Jennifer's trust and submission, making her purr like a kitten with his demanding but tender affection. But when an unwelcome visitor puts an end to their idyllic holiday, Kaden will be forced to do a little chasing in order to salvage the duo's New Year.

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Dec 22, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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If you are a reader of Raisa Greywood, then you know she's known for some amazing paranormal romances with a twist. And while I'd read some of her work on Literotica, I became a huge fan after reading BASTARD'S NEW BABY, which checked all the boxes with me in terms of a fun read. Now, she's gone and written a daddy Christmas story and it's sweet and charming and laugh-out-loud funny. For me, it has all the elements of what makes for a great Christmas story: gorgeous hunk of a daddy; sweet and loving, with a mouth like an educated pirate, female lead; some charming sick/injured animals; aliens and tentacle sex (sort of); Die Hard (best Christmas movie EVER!); bunches of Easter eggs; some hot and intense sexy times; and a sadist named Tennyson (aka The Partridge in a Pear Tree – kidding!) who, if he doesn't already have one, needs his own story because I need to know it.

Lovers of daddy stories will get a kick out of JENNIFER'S CHRISTMAS DADDY (ala It's a Wonderful Life). Ms. Greywood does a fantastic job hitting all the marks of what makes for great storytelling. The pace is consistent. The characters are so likeable, you won't even notice the sugar rush from how sweet they are. The patients at the vet clinic make for wonderful secondary characters. The Christmas elements aren't over the top. And, if nothing else, you have to read it to find out if the angels get their wings.
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