Capturing the Bride

Samantha Holt
Capturing the Bride
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Helstone Press
Release Date
April 2020
Book 1 of The Kidnap Club
Historical Romance

If one is very, extremely desperate, then one may call on the services of a clandestine group of men.
The Kidnap Club—known to few—specialize in helping women out of difficult situations.

Arranged marriages to awful men, for example.

Miss Grace Beaumont is at the mercy of her uncle who is determined she marry the depraved Mr. Worthington. Desperate times call for…well, the Kidnap Club.

It seems insane. Perhaps it is. But anything is better than being married to that man.

Lord Nash Fitzroy has looked after many a kidnapee over the past few years, but none make him want to break the cardinal rules as much as Grace. Her determined spirit, quick wit, and, let's be honest, her pretty looks have him struggling to remember his role in this.

Protector, defender, and occasional shoulder to cry on.

His way with women and the almost derelict offerings of his ancestral home as a hideaway make him a perfect pretend kidnapper. He doesn't much mind the money involved either, seeing as his father cut him off.

Which means, he cannot afford to get this wrong. No matter how tempted he is to show Grace that Worthington is not a prime example of how a man should be and burn the damned rule book.

Book Review by Merissa (reviewer)
Oct 14, 2020   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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CAPTURING THE BRIDE is the first book in The Kidnap Club series and we find a small group of men, some of them nobles, helping to kidnap and rescue ladies who are in situations detrimental to their physical wellbeing. Along comes Grace, soon-to-be heiress and about to be 'sold' by her uncle to a known wife-beater, possible killer. Luckily for Grace, her aunt arranges for her to be kidnapped!

This was a great story with Grace reminding me of Bones from the American TV show. Nash has never been with any of the rescuees before but Grace gets under his skin and he can't stop thinking about her. He is worried about sharing his whole past with Grace though as he has made mistakes and fears she would judge him harshly.

What follows is story that has both steamy moments and also action as Nash and Grace try to keep her safe from harm. Guy and Russell make great supporting characters and I can't wait to learn more about them in future books (I hope).

The ending felt a bit rushed to me, as though the author had gone over the word-count and needed to finish. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of Nash with his family and Grace as she slides back into society after her kidnapping.

All in all, this was a wonderful historical romance with a dash of suspense. Definitely recommended by me.
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