The Hunted Bride

Jaye Peaches
The Hunted Bride
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Stormy Night Publications
Release Date
July 2020
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance

When the marriage prospects of nineteen-year-old Matilda Barre are all but ruined by scandal, the renowned mercenary Lord Gervais Baliol takes it upon himself to tame, correct, and wed the beautiful, feisty young lady. Not long after arriving at his castle, Matilda finds herself stripped bare for an intimate, humiliating examination followed by a thorough spanking over Gervais' knee, but it is not her future husband's firm-handed correction which proves most shocking.

A wild beast lurks within Gervais, something fierce and feral that waits to be unleashed. Soon that beast will claim Matilda, and when it does she has no doubt that it will be rough and savage.

Publisher's Note: The Hunted Bride includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Dec 05, 2020   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Jaye Peaches' THE HUNTED BRIDE is an entertaining read filled with aspects of a historical romance with a tad bit of the other worldly. Sort of. Starting with a bit of enemies-to-lovers, we meet Matilda (Tilda) and Gervais. Tilda is the apple of her father's eye even when she's up to a bit of mischief (well, smexy mischief), and Gervais is the powerful hunter (among other things) keen on conquering this willful woman. What ensues is a bit of a slow build culminating in what I've come expect from Jaye Peaches. Some spanking good fun.

Likes: Despite her behavior, I really liked Tilda. She's very much a woman on the cusp of learning and accepting her sexuality. While Gervais has a bit of the tortured soul in him, which builds leaving readers to wonder whether Tilda will be able to conquer the restless beast that resides within him or will he be forced to live dual lives never fully living as one.

Dislikes: At the same time, I thought that Gervais was a bit of an a-hole, which I'm fairly sure is exactly what Ms. Peaches was after. AND, there were times where Tilda was a bit too petulant, which again, I'm sure is what Ms. Peaches was going for. So, props there. You got me on a bit of a seesaw in terms of emotions—like/dislike.

THE HUNTED BRIDE is an entertaining, fairytale romance ala Beauty and the Beast (and there's even a Gaston, of sorts), that might give you a bit of the swoons. Definitely recommended.
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