Night Blooming Jasmine

Gemini Judson
Night Blooming Jasmine


Loose Id
Release Date
April 2010
Book 2 of Animals
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

In the safety of an Adirondack addiction recovery lodge, Jasmine battled her heroin demon and won. Falling in love with the rural life, she stayed at the lodge and became part of the staff. She's also in love with the lodge manager, Adam Vianetti. However, with low self-esteem and a humble future, she's certain she's no match for a guy like him.

Fate has other ideas. On a stormy spring night, Jasmine and Adam are kidnapped and forced into each other's arms. Jasmine's not nearly as frightened as she should be. She's had a gun in her face lots of times. Instead she feels warm and wonderful in Adam's embrace. With chains on their wrists and the thunder rolling around them, they ignite a passion to keep them fiery warm.

When one of the men returns in the night to set them free, he issues a dire warning. The other kidnapper, Red, is heading east and plans to take Jasmine with him. He says he'll shoot her up with heroin—she's a street rat like him. Jasmine has no strength left to fight that battle again. In this prequel to Animals, we witness Red's cruel trail of crimes before he moves on to New Hampshire. With or without Jasmine?


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