Cowboy Courage

Stormy Glenn
Cowboy Courage
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
October 2011
Book 4 of Blaecleah Brothers

Benjamin Brody and Neason Blaecleah shared one special night together then went their separate ways, both afraid of what they wanted from the other and neither willing to put themselves out on a limb. But a fateful mistake changes all of that. When Neason is involved in a car accident he's left without his sight.

Neason's anger and pain are out of control and the only one that seems to be able to handle him is a man he never expected to see again. When Neason's brother delivers him from the hospital into Brody's hands, Neason's anger knows no bounds. But his curiosity and need for what Brody can give him is more powerful than his rage. Neason just doesn't know if he has the strength and courage to give up the control Brody seems to need from him, not when he doesn't know if Brody wants to keep him.

Book Review by Tyra Berger
Dec 02, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The Blaecleah clan is back with its 4th installment. Brother number 4 has some personal demons that without help might cost him everything. This story is about personal acceptance and fighting through adversity.

Brody wants Neason to be in his life but doesn't feel Neason can commit to the D/s lifestyle 24/7 which is the way Brody wants to live. So after their one night together, he doesn't see Neason again until he receives a phone call from his friend Asa asking for help. When he sees the damage that has been done to Neason, he wants to help the man understand that pain is not the kind of domination that he is craving.

Neason Blaecleah spent one perfect night under the guiding hand of Benjamin Brody and he has been looking for that same feeling again in all the wrong places. These encounters led him to believe that his wants and needs are wrong and that he is a freak. When his brother-in-law Asa tries to help, it leads to a devastating accident that will change Neason's life forever.

This installment wasn't as strong as its predecessors. I felt that Brody's initial dismissal of Neason showed a weakness on his part, not on Neason's. Brody didn't strike me as a strong Dom because all through the book he has trouble accepting Neason's independence. He pushes him to learn to do things for himself, and then is afraid when Neason finally does.

Neason's self- loathing was something that read very true to me for someone who is new to submitting and doesn't understand that need. I did like the ah-ha moment when Neason accepts his need and Brody's willingness and ability to provide that for him. This story was lacking in the family interaction which I have always felt was one of the stronger aspects of these books. If I could give it 3.5 stars I would because I think it's better than a three but there were some things that made it not a 4.

If you are looking for something with an introduction to the D/s lifestyle without going too far then this would be the perfect book for you.
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