DH Black


Rebel Ink Press
Release Date
January 2012
Book 2 of The Retribution Collection
Action/Adventure Romance, LGBTQ

Troy Danton was everybody's hero. A firefighter with the Cleveland Fire Department, not only did he love his job but his success in rescuing victims brought him accolades in a despondent town. Sexy and down to earth, his quiet demeanor and rough-hewn good looks made him a media darling after every ugly event. A true ladies man, little did the rest of the rugged men in his close-knit firehouse know about his true desires. Maintaining a reserved persona, he was happy living his life in secrecy until a single damning moment rocked his world, exposing the man behind the mask. One tragic fire changed his future forever. As pieces of his life were uncovered he was labeled a freak as shades of terror held a paralyzing grip, jeopardizing his career.

Emily Waters was the darling of her father's eye and when Christian lost her he was devastated, choosing solace in a bottle. In less than a year the two loves of his life were taken from him in tragedy shattering his already fragile world. Unable to cope, he almost succumbed to taking his life until a chance encounter with one newspaper article dragged him out of the pits of hell. Curious about the man who was no longer a hero, Christian made a determination to seek revenge on the individual who was the cause of his anguish. As two men were forced to face each other and their horrible pasts they each found a kindred spirit and comfort in their heated passion. But would it be enough?


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