Rosalie Stanton


Wright and Pryce Publishing
Release Date
September 2013
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

A daughter of a holy man. A creature of unholy desire. The hunt is on.

The Wall is more than just a St. Louis watering hole. It's Ryker's refuge, a place to escape the memory of the horrific events that made him a vampire. Lately there's a new face in the bar. A woman he instantly marks as a demon hunter, but oddly, a hunter who never strikes first.

Something about her overcomes Ryker's usual caution, tempting him ever closer until retreat isn't an option.

Every night, Izzie faces the worst of inhumanity, but she's never forgotten that evil wears many faces—often human. Starting with the father who first tried to kill her. Ryker is a creature most hunters would kill on sight, but unless he goes for her jugular, her blade stays sheathed.

When an enemy Ryker thought long dead rises to settle an old score, he and Izzie are swept into a shadowy world of government experimentation. Forced to perform sexually humiliating acts for an audience of "scientists", they instinctively forge a bond of trust in an inferno of desire that melts into something more. A bond that must survive the ultimate sacrifice if love is to endure.

Warning: Forced (but not unwilling) hot sex with bite, voyeurism, a vampire with a vendetta, a government department that studies mating habits—but definitely isn't affiliated with Fish & Wildlife, and inappropriate use of tranq darts.


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