A Much Compromised Lady

Shannon Donnelly
A Much Compromised Lady


Cielito Lindo Press
Release Date
July 2011
Book 3 of The "Compromise" Series
Action/Adventure Romance, Historical Romance

Romantic Times Top Pick
4½ Stars and Gold Medal

Glynis Chatwin dreams of becoming a respectable lady, and to do so, she must regain the evidence that will prove she and her brother are not bastard children. But Glynis's plans lead her into the bedchamber of the notorious rake Lord St. Albans—and once she has caught his interest, there is no escaping his attentions. When he offers to help her, she is wary but she thinks she can make use of this idle lord. Now she must figure out how to resist the seductive skills of the worst rogue in England. But how can she when she is falling in love with the wounded heart behind Simon's rakish ways.

Simon Alexander Derain Winters, Earl of St. Albans, Baron Winters has always had more power, wealth, and time on his hands than is good for anyone. Jaded by the world, bored by society, he lives only to please himself. And it pleases him give into a whim and assist the lovely gypsy thief he finds in his bedchamber at an inn one night. He is not certain he believes her story of wicked uncles, secret marriages, and stolen inheritances, but she amuses him as no other woman has. He offers to allow Glynis to pose as his mistress so she may better gain entry to her ‘wicked' uncle's circle. What he really wants is Glynis in his bed—and he wants her there willingly. But he does not work into his calculated seduction that Glynis, with her sharp mind, her beauty, and her stubborn ways, is the one woman who can keep his life interesting. She is becoming the one person he cannot live without. But if she becomes a respectable lady, there'll be no place for her in his disreputable life.


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