Barely Proper

Shannon Donnelly
Barely Proper


Cielito Lindo Press
Release Date
April 2011
Book 3 of The "Proper" Series
Action/Adventure Romance, Historical Romance

Growing up next to the Winslows, Sylvain Harwood learned young that of the two "Wild Windslow" boys, Terrance, the elder, means heartache for any female. But he's also been her friend for as long as she can remember. When she finds Terrance injured in the woods and in trouble, she treats him like any other the other wounded animals she's cared for—she ignores good sense in order to help him. But how does she keep her secret that she fell in love with him ages ago? And will good sense be enough to keep her from falling even deeper in love with a man who needs love more than he can admit?

Arriving for a duel in the home wood, Terrance is shocked to find the man he is supposed to face at dawn has been shot in the back by someone else. When one of the seconds arrives to find Terrance standing over the body with a pistol in hand, accusations of murder fly. But, before he can stop anything, a fall from his horse leaves him laid up. Now he needs to clear his name. But with a broken leg, he also needs help—and so he turns to his childhood friend, Sylvain Harwood. As a girl, Sylvain rain tame in the woods, befriending Terrance and other wild creatures. But the girl Terrance once teased has grown into a woman who brings out unexpected desires in him. Will these feelings end their friendship, or start something new between them?


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