Song of Love and War

Jay Di Meo
Song of Love and War

Amber Quill Press, LLC
Release Date
August 2011
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance

In the war against the androids, humans have only one hope: elf magic. But few elves will risk their lives for the humans. When the elf responsible for protecting Thane's squadron allows all comrades-in-arms to die, Thane is crushed. Sent from the horrors of war to a luxury spa resort to recover, he meets Suresh. Suresh is beautiful and brave, but also hides painful wounds. The fact that he is also an elf doesn't escape Thane's attention. When Suresh is attacked time and again by humans and androids, Thane comes to his defense, drawn to the haughty elf.
Suresh is suffering from the effects of poisoning from iron bullets, and the poisoning seems to be getting worse instead of better. He is grateful for Thane's help, but also wary, as humans don't much appreciate the elves' aloofness. What is more, the news of his failure to protect a squad of human soldiers paints him as a traitor. Yet Thane's nearness stirs the dormant desire in his body, and in its wake, powerful magic.
When Suresh's identity is revealed, Thane must decide whether he believes in the elf and questions his nascent affection. Suresh, meanwhile, must discover who threatens his life and decipher his feelings for this handsome, fearless human who risks himself repeatedly to save him.
Unfortunately, time is running short. Unless they trust each other, they might not have a chance at a future at all...


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