Always You

Karen Stivali
Always You
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Ellora's Cave
Release Date
September 2011
Erotic Romance

When Shari discovers that her fianc� has been cheating on her, she lets the wedding go on according to plan, except while everyone else is at the church, Shari is heading to the airport to fly off on her honeymoon with her best friend, Jon. Jon is only too happy to help Shari escape what he knew would have been an awful marriage. Plus he's thrilled by the prospect of time alone with her in a tropical paradise. He's always loved her and desired her as a lot more than a friend. A steamy, romantic night on the beach turns into a whirlwind of desire as they take their friendship to multiple new levels of passion. But when Shari's apologetic ex tries to win her back, she must choose between the life she thought she was going to have with him and the possibility of love with Jon.

Book Review by yadkny (reviewer)
Aug 02, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When one door closes another opens and Jon has no intention of letting this opportunity slip by without showing Shari how he feels. But is he bound to be the rebound guy or the guy who gets and keeps the girl?

Shari is definitely having a bad day when she finds evidence of her fianc's continued cheating and that they have no plans on stopping. Instead of just calling off the wedding, Shari decides to get even with him by leaving him at the altar and taking her best friend on her honeymoon. Relaxation and time away to clear her head is exactly what she needs, but things take a different turn when her best friend turns up the heat and shows her his true feelings.

Jon is tired of being left in 'friend' category when it comes to Shari. He's been there to support her through so muchfrom her mother's death to her impending marriage to a jerk. He always knew her ex-fianc wasn't the right guy for her and although she brushed aside his objections, Jon dropped everything when a frazzled Shari came to him needing to get away. It is while they are away in paradise that Jon realizes now is his uninterrupted chance to show Shari he can be more than just a friend, but her ex-fianc has other plans.

The author packs quite an incredible story into so few pages, but unfortunately it was a bit hindered by the page length. The insta-connection Shari and Jon have is very evident by their close friendship and how quickly desire escalates when it's just the two of them. I had to wonder why these two never tried getting together before since their chemistry seems so obvious, but when they physically came together it definitely took everything, including emotions, to a whole new scorching level.

This story has me intrigued as to what else this author has to offer and would absolutely recommend this short story to beach read fans who enjoy an erotic romance of the friends-to-lovers kind.
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