Lady Amelia's Mess and a Half

Samantha Grace
Lady Amelia's Mess and a Half
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Sourcebooks Casablanca
Release Date
June 2012
Book 2 of Beau Monde Bachelor
Historical Romance



When she returns to town a widow—pursued by an infamous rake, Jake's debauched brother, and just maybe by himself—Lady Amelia will have a mess and a half on her hands.

A sparkling romp through the ton, Lady Amelia's Mess and a Half delivers a witty Regency romance in which misunderstandings abound, reputations are put on the line, and the only thing more exciting than a scandal is true love.

Book Review by Lisa Jo
Jun 27, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Samantha Grace continues one of the best and entertaining historical romance series with LADY AMELIA'S MESS AND A HALF. A sexy and fabulous love story, Jake and Amelia are a couple you will find difficult to forget.

Jake Hilary has been in love with Lady Amelia Audley for quite some time but she broke his heart when she married his best friend. Now that she is a widow, their love stands a chance, but previous misunderstandings work to keep them apart once again. When Jake's brother makes advances for a place in Amelia's bed, Jack is determined to see that the only bed she occupies is his. Ghosts from their past and loved ones in their present are threatening this new chance at a happily ever after but Amelia is determined to not let a few trivial messes get in her way. After everything they have been through, Jake and Amelia realize true love is certainly worth fighting for.

When you read a novel by Samantha Grace, you are guaranteed a sexy romance with spectacular characters. Jake Hilary is absolutely stunning. A true romantic hero that would make any heroine swoon. His love for Amelia took my breath away and made me shed a few was that passionate and moving. I loved how in one chapter he could be her lover, in the next her protector and then later her strength...only to realize how perfectly he fit the role of her other half because he was always everything she needed.

And Amelia certainly turned out to be the heroine worthy of such devotion. She was bold, passionate and witty with a striking personality. She was a romantic like Jake, but she was also realistic, sometimes being the pessimistic voice in their relationship. Yet she was a kind, compassionate soul that always saw the goodness others were capable of and how she could help them. You loved her character because she was beautiful inside and out.

There was one very important factor that I loved about LADY AMELIA'S MESS AND A HALF. That would have to be the fact that there is no misguided communication or hesitation to declare their emotions. I have read many novels in the past where characters refuse to speak their mind or declare those three special words until the last few pages. Most times it is terribly frustrating, but in this novel that certainly wasn't the case. I enjoyed this novel so much more because they always said what they felt and I commend Samantha Grace for creating characters that didn't dance around their feelings. Not only that, but Ms Grace still kept the romance interesting while establishing a plot line and secondary romance that kept you thoroughly entertained throughout the remainder of the novel.

The Beau Monde Bachelor series is one of my favorite series that I am currently following. With such clever writing, spicy love scenes and irresistible characters, historical romance fans should be anxious to experience the magic of Samantha Grace's spellbinding novels. LADY AMELIA'S MESS AND A HALF is a unique and fabulous romance with characters that you will find scandalously delightful. Whether it's because of the emotional love story, the entertaining plot or the engaging characters, this is a novel Regency historical romance fans should not miss. This second novel, in what I'm sure will be a fabulous writing career, just goes to prove anything written by Samantha Grace deserves a coveted spot on my ‘keeper shelf.'
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