Two in Winter

Vanessa North
Two in Winter
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
July 2012
Contemporary Romance

Getty has her life all planned out—and she's used to getting everything she wants. She's nurtured her business to success and now she wants to have a baby all on her own. She won't let her attraction to a handsome doctor steer her off course.

Eric is still feeling the sting of his recent divorce, so he's not looking for a relationship, but after sharing a steamy dance with a mysterious woman in a darkened club, he can't help but want to get to know her. Unfortunately, she took off when she found out he gets women pregnant for a living.

When Eric finds out Getty's a patient at the fertility clinic where he works, he tries to find a way for them to be together without risking his job. Meanwhile, she keeps him at arm's length until she discovers even the best-laid plans can go awry. Can she let go of the life she's planned in order to take a chance on a life with Eric?

Book Review by SColt (author,reviewer)
Oct 15, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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TWO IN WINTER starts off with a plot that's been done many times before. Man meets woman in a dance club, sparks fly … But then it takes a sharp turn left that drew me in and refused to let go. The descriptions make the story come to life, and you can taste, hear and envision each scene as if you were there with the characters.

Eric has been divorced for over a year and still hasn't gotten back on the horse, much to his best friend Skip's horror. So, he allows Skip to take him out to a dance club on the weekend. His reluctance quickly turns to gratefulness when he meet's Getty, a beautiful blonde with a sweet voice and moves on the dance floor hot enough to make him sweat. An impromptu make out session leads to a late night snack at a twenty-four hour diner. Things are going well until he tells her he's a fertility doctor. Getty's mannerism goes cold, and within minutes she's on her way home in a cab.

Eric has no idea what spooked her, but weeks later he's still unable to get her out of his mind. It doesn't help that Skip is currently dating one of her best friends. When he runs into her in a professional setting, things become a lot clearer. Despite the frequent rejections, he's determined than ever to win her over.

Getty's a woman with a plan. She's worked hard to get where she's at, and Eric is in a position to jeopardize all her careful planning. Her life doesn't have room for a significant other, no matter how handsome, sweet or charming. When a secret she's been keeping causes her grief, Eric is the only person who can understand what she's going through. She turns to him for help, and the cold shoulder routine she's been using to keep distance between them becomes impossible…

Ms. North does a wonderful job setting the tone and creating a unique plot. I only wish she'd added more to the ending. I was left feeling let down after the wonderful journey she'd brought me on.
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