She Belongs to Me

Carmen DeSousa
She Belongs to Me
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Carmen DeSousa
Release Date
December 2011
Book 1 of Southern Romantic-Suspense Collection
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

A passionate romantic-suspense novel filled with romance, betrayal, and obsession, 'She Belongs to Me' will have you falling in love and wondering if you can trust anyone right up to the last page.

Charlotte police officer Jordan Monroe is used to being in control. Ever since his father died, he has provided for his mother and sisters and even hired his two brothers-in-law to help run his successful construction company. On a chance business trip, however, he meets the one person who throws his life into a whirlwind--Jaynee.

Jaynee has lived a tragic life and has sworn off all men. That is until a rugged southern gentleman lands in her seating area, refusing to take no for an answer. From the moment they meet, Jordan sweeps her off her feet, assuring her that happiness exists. But can she really escape her past?

Five years later, Jordan finds Jaynee on their back porch with a gunshot wound to the head. While Jaynee lies in a coma, Jordan has to go back to their beginning and figure out what went wrong. Did he push his wife to the edge, or has her past come back to haunt them?

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
May 02, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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In SHE BELONGS TO ME, one man falls madly deeply in love with one woman. They get married and live a life full of love. Then one night, she gets insight of the danger that her and her husband are in. Who could be threatening them?

Jaynee is a bright young woman who is working as a waitress and putting herself through college. She had a terrible childhood and also her first relationship didn't go as she wanted. Her ex-boyfriend was a drug user and also cheated on her with who knows how many women. When she found out, it was the end of their relationship, only something went wrong and he ended up in prison. That is when she swore off men and it had been a year or so when she waited on the most gorgeous man with a southern accent. That's all it took her to fall in love and marry with him.

As time passed, however, Janyee hates that Jordan is working as a cop so she gives him an ultimatum that she will have a baby only if he quits. Only, he has something better—he will quit when she gets pregnant. Jordan was ready to start a family, but Jaynee wanted to finish college, but most importantly, she wanted to spend time with only him if only for a bit longer. Then she started to pull away from Jordan, and the night he went to confront her, it appeared she shot herself.

SHE BELONGS TO ME is a definitely good suspenseful read. Ms. DeSousa is a talented author and I had no problem in connecting with the characters. The story displayed a realistic relationship between Jordan and Jaydee.

However, there was a bit too much description of certain settings when I could have learned more of the couple or more of the attempt at their lives. The switching between the past and present actually was not bad; it actually didn't irritate or confused me as I would've thought. The chemistry that Jordan and Jaycee shared was felt through their words and their actions; they were so passionate.

I totally loved the ending of SHE BELONGS TO ME and enjoyed it a lot.
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