One True Love

Gina Duncan
One True Love

Siren Bookstrand, Inc.
Release Date
June 2011
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

Virginia is determined not to let anything keep Mathias away. Not their parents, not an ocean, and not even Mathias's own vow never to love again. First, she has to find a way to bring him home, and then she'll find a way inside his heart.

Mathias never wanted to leave Virginia behind, but his father demanded he go. He tried a new life and love that turned tragic, and he vowed to never love again. He's determined to keep Virginia at bay once he returns home. When he sees how she's grown into a beautiful woman, will his mind be able to resist her beauty and charms, knowing that his body and heart want her more than anything?

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He carried her to the bed, gently laying her down, then leaned over her, kissing her again. Starting at the top of her head, he worked his way down her flushed face, stopping for a moment to enjoy her mouth once more, slipping his tongue deep then on down her neck and chest as he unbuttoned the tiny buttons on the front of her dress. He caressed her full, firm breast gently with his thumb, circling her hardened nipple, which had come to life at his first touch. God, he needed her but wanted to go slow. He wanted her to know what it was really like to make love.
Mathias removed her shoes then pushed her dress up as he placed kisses up her legs. He couldn't get enough of feeling and kissing her. He wanted to kiss every inch of skin until he had his fill of the taste of her.
* * * *
Virginia felt her body coming to life. It had been almost five months since the first time they had made love or whatever he wanted to call it. She didn't care anymore, just as long as they did so now. Her body was tingling from her head to her toes. She wished that they could stay this way forever, wished that he would love her forever. If she could only tell him about the baby growing inside of her. Would he be happy or despise her for it? She decided it had to wait. She wasn't about to say or do anything to m


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