A Hero of His Own

Susan Laine
A Hero of His Own
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
January 2013
Book 3 of Sailor's Knot
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Dan West is on his way to his friends' place for some R & R from the Navy. But before he makes it to the small fishing town in Maine, a car accident changes his destination.

The injured young man, Patrick Prescott, turns out to be the mayor's troubled son. He needs help, and Dan offers it. As a result, the lives of the two men become entwined. The old adage of saving someone's life giving you responsibility over them seems to hold water.

Patrick is haunted by inner demons. His closeted life pushes him to recklessly pursue Dan at all costs, as though he actively sought his own ruin. But Dan has his own reasons for coming to meet his former CO, and that does not include getting in bed with Patrick, since he's not in town to stay.

When two different worlds collide, even two men who are oceans apart in every sense must find a way to cope—together.

Book Review by Susan Mac Nicol (author)
Jan 20, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Well-written with endearing characters.

When Dan West heads out to his friends' home in a small fishing town in Maine, he has no idea he's about to meet the man of his dreams. Injured, drunk, and spaced out in his wreck of a car--something Patrick Prescott seems to do with alarming regularity. The younger man is smitten at first glance by the sight of tough and older Dan and Dan himself feels responsible for Patrick.

Dan's friend Hunter is dubious of Patrick's past and motivations, but David, Hunter's husband, seems more open to the idea and simply sits back and waits for the sparks to turn into something a little more fiery.

The conversation Dan has with Patrick when the younger man admits he's gay, something he's been afraid to face before, is completely endearing. Dan treats Patrick's admission like a real trooper, understanding and caring, and that only serves to cement Patrick's growing infatuation with a man who's seven years older than him. Patrick is completely hooked with Dan's quiet confidence, his maturity and his gorgeous red hair.

There's a lot of soul searching in this story, a lot of really insightful conversations about what it means to be young and gay and not want anyone to feel less about you because of it, like Patrick's father, the mayor of the town and an old fashioned man. There's hot, passionate sex, emotional scenes and plenty of conflict. Patrick's outing as a gay man to his family is a scene that will have you sucking in a breath and wondering how the hell he's going to manage the fall out.

And there's something else Patrick does when he's upset too, something that makes him feel better and releases his demons. And it's unfortunately something all too many people feel the need to do to release their inner fears and stress. This subject is tackled with sympathy and dignity. I found this a very emotional scene that had me holding my breath.

And when Patrick decides he wants to turn his life around and stop his self destructive behaviour, including his drinking and car wrecking, Dan is there for him. Dan his own decisions to make--his career or Patrick, but he finally knows where he wants to be.

It's not too heavy going; the story is well written and you'll like all the characters, including the tempestuous, more aggressive Hunter and David, the voice of reason and the man to keep Hunter in line. And of course in the end love triumphs and that's really all you want. I recommend any of Susan Laine's books, having enjoyed a lot of them over the past year, since discovering this genre.
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