The Changeling Moon

Alp Mortal
The Changeling Moon


Alp Mortal
Release Date
May 2013
Book 2 of The Awakening

The Changeling Moon is part 2 of 'The Awakening'. The continuation of the story of Jeremiah and Sven, the merman. In this part, Jeremiah takes Sven to the Northern Realm to get healing and to reunite him with is father, Atlantis, from whom Sven asks for sanctuary. Jeremiah is thrust into the battle with the Leviathan, the ancient beast that threatens all the Seas. The sea horse king, Throne, befriends Jeremiah and they form a new 'cavalry' to spearhead the assault on the demon. Jeremiah is accepted into The Brotherhood of the Guard and meets Marcus. Sven rejects Jeremiah when he hears that Jeremiah has been accepted by Throne and the Brotherhood; Sven quits the city. Jeremiah forms a strong attachment to Marcus and ultimately they fall in love. When Marcus bonds with Jeremiah to impart the gifts that enable him to live under water, Jeremiah is changed and transformed into the merhuman.
The gods lead the armies out to challenge the Leviathan. Jeremiah, Marcus, Throne and Prow, the old whale, launch their own daring plan to destroy the beast. Sven seeks redemption but his act of selflessness appears doomed and despite seeing Jeremiah in his last moments, he is lost to them.

Part three is being written but won't appear for a month or so.

I hope you enjoy the story.

Alp x


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