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Thinking romance? Specifically, romance books?

You've come to the right place!

  • Do you have the compulsive itch to have every book as or even before they hit the bookstore?
  • Do you sign up for all the authors newsletters to get updated scoops about their books?
  • Do you join all the authors chat groups and forums?
  • Do you surf the Internet day after day searching for reviews?

There is no need to do so many things just to have your fix!

The Romance Reviews (TRR) aims to be a one-stop site for all your romance needs. It is an interactive site for all romance lovers to chat, deliver and receive up-to-date news about books and authors. We have reviews of books in all sub-genres of romance. We also have daily contests where you can win the book of your choice. Best of all, we are continuing to develop and roll out new features from time to time.

What We Offer


Our reviews are honest and frank and represent our unvarnished opinion of the book. Reviews are displayed on the Main Pages for a day or two, ensuring maximum exposure for all who drop by on the site. They will be available on the site forever, with each review having its own link.

Aside from the reviews written by TRRís official reviewers, readers are also encouraged to write their comments of the books. In this way, all the reviews and comments about a certain book are gathered together in one central location, making it easy for readers to access and for authors to track.

Headline News

Located directly below the menu bar on the Main Pages, the Headline News ensures authors a prime location to announce the latest news about current and upcoming releases, contests, new contracts, reviews, etc.

Author Pages

Each author will have his/her own page, which includes the author's bio, list of books, buy links and other stuff. The author will be the one to maintain and keep this page up-to-date.

Coming Soon

Author interviews, publisher registration and pages, and other surprises!

Best news of the day? Membership is free. Register here.

Authors and reviewers need to be verified and approved by TRR management before being allowed to create new posts. Please allow two to three days for processing. However, you can start to browse and comment on other peopleís posts now!

We invite everyone to come play with us, explore the site and take advantage of the amenities to be updated on book releases and other newsworthy information, browse our database of books and reviews, and chat with your favorite authors and fellow book lovers.

We ask only that you follow a few simple rules:

  • The Romance Reviews is a friendly site. Hence, please avoid any denigrating or slanderous remarks or flame wars. Any person found to be in violation will be warned, and the discussion terminated.
  • The Romance Reviews does not have any religious or political affiliations, nor will it tolerate discussions of such nature within its pages.
  • Post on the appropriate pages. General audience posts on the Romance Pages, and mature/adult content posts on the Erotic Romance and GLBT Pages.
  • Mature/Adult content posts refer to posts on erotic romance/fiction. They do not include porn. Any posts that are remotely of porn, including solicitations, will immediately be deleted. The poster will be warned, and if he persists, his membership will be terminated.

TRR is also a self-regulating site. Please report abuse should you see anyone violating the above simple rules.

We value your feedback. Send them to carole@theromancereviews.com and place "Feedback" in the subject line.

Privacy Policy

All information you submit to The Romance Reviews will never be sold, transferred or given to any entity. Except for winners of contests, where your name and email address would be submitted to the prize sponsor to enable him/her to send you your winnings or you forfeit your prize.


TRR reviewers based their reviews mostly on books provided courtesy of the authors and/or publishers for review. Reviewers are allowed to choose the book they want to read and review. However, this does not mean that we guarantee a glowing write-up. Our integrity as reviewers lies in our having written a review that presents our honest and frank opinions about the book, and we value our integrity highly.

Our View on Piracy

We value and respect the authors copyright to their work and we would never violate this. We take a strict stance against anyone who is found to be in violation. If any of our reviewers has been investigated and is found to have distributed an ebook/e-ARC given to him in good faith for review, he will be terminated from his position as reviewer with immediate effect.

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