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* TRR Anniversary Party$68 ORIG:$80
* TRR Anniversary Party Big Ad$250 ORIG:$350
- Ezine: Author Spotlight Ad$80 ORIG:$100
- Ezine: Book Cover Ad$15 ORIG:$20
- Ezine: Book Cover Ad (Premium)$30 ORIG:$40
- Ezine: Excerpt Ad$55 ORIG:$70
- Ezine: Full Page Ad$100 ORIG:$125
- Ezine: Publisher Spotlight Ad$80 ORIG:$100
- Ezine: Review Spotlight Ad$40 ORIG:$50
- Ezine: Series Spotlight Ad$80 ORIG:$100
Big Banner$250 ORIG:$350
Big Book Cover$50
Box Ad$50
Featured Book Interview$70 ORIG:$80
Featured Video$70
Sneak Peek Compilation$80 ORIG:$100
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