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Romancing the Countess
by Ashley March | Interview

Q: ROMANCING THE COUNTESS is a truly unique and fabulous story by the fact that your hero and heroine were both tragically betrayed in their first marriages and had to see if they could take another chance on love with each other. Where did the idea or the inspiration come from to write this story about such an unusual couple?
I'm so glad you enjoyed the storyline! I would love to give you a truly romantic answer about getting the idea for ROMANCING THE COUNTESS one day on a trip to Paris, but the truth is I've never been to Paris (yet!), and I actually had the idea for such a concept a few years ago when I was working a...
by Margaret Ethridge | Interview

Q: We're so glad you can make it, because we'd love to talk about this unique concept. A series that look at After Happily Ever! What inspired this particular series of books?
After Happily Ever is a new line created by Turquoise Morning Press to feature stories that take place after a couple rides off into the sunset. In other words, they are not your typical romance novels. I was very excited that CONTENTMENT was chosen to be the debut title for the AHE line because I believe...
The Empire
by Elizabeth Lang | Interview

Q: What is the inspiration for THE EMPIRE, the first in a trilogy?
My inspiration was the characters. I had been writing some short stories with this cast and I was having so much fun that I decided to expand them into a proper story.

The storyline came from a desire to explore the issue of the ends justifying the means and looking at it from various angles. In...

Running in Fear: Dragon's Den
by Trinity Blacio | Interview

Q: RUNNING IN FEAR: DRAGON'S DEN is book five in the Running in Fear Series. How did you come up with the concept for the series?
At first I had three books in my mind, but after, the three other characters kept popping up in my head. My fans kept asking for more stories and a greater plot formed to connect the other stories that wanted to be brought to life. So, for right now, I have at least three more planned maybe more, and...
His Country Cinderella
by Karen Rose Smith | Interview

Q: What inspired the series Montana Mavericks: Here Come the Texans series? What is the unifying theme?
The Montana Mavericks is a continuity series that is added to year after year. Harlequin comes up with the basic thread that weaves throughout all the books, the type of hero and heroine for each plot and a short summary of the kind of plot they'd like to see. Each author in the series creates a plot...
by Jianne Carlo | Interview

Q: DEVIANT DEVIL is quite the action-packed romantic suspense. What kind of research goes into planning those complicated ops you had in the story?
A ton - but it was so much fun. I purchased the Navy SEALS BUD/s Class 234 DVD and watched that a bunch of times--incredible and fascinating to see what these warriors must do to earn that trident. I read the following books:

The Warrior Elite - The Forging of SEAL class 228

Team Secrets of The...

One Good Reason
by Sarah Mayberry | Interview

Q: We know that heroine Gabby is Tyler's ex-girlfriend (from the previous book, The Last Goodbye) and hero Jon is Tyler's brother, but what gave you the inspiration to put these two characters together?
When I was writing the first scene with Gabby in TLG, even though I hadn't planned it when I outlined the book, I decided she should be Tyler's ex-girlfriend. I thought it would help shed light on his intimacy issues as well as give him a confidante. The more I wrote, however, the more I liked Gabby....
Shinobi, Book One: Concealed in Shadows
by Sessha Batto | Interview

Q: From where did you draw the inspiration for the Shinobi series?
I've studied martial arts and swordsmanship for many years, and I've always been intrigued by the conflict inherent in the martial code of honor. To me, ninja are the epitome of this conflict, assassins and spies who are loyal to their clans to the death. Trained to set aside their emotions, yet carrying...
A Fateful Wind
by Suzette Stone | Interview

Q: Where did you draw inspiration for A FATEFUL WIND?
I grew up in a tiny village on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, UK. As a child we would play around a defunct tin mine - dangerous I know - and I was always intrigued by the stories I would hear of miners leaving behind their families to seek their fortunes in Australia, America and Mexico. The village I lived...
Strong Arms of the Law
by Cerise DeLand | Interview

Q: STRONG ARMS OF THE LAW is a VERY hot read. There's no question about that, but it also has a great plot and interesting story. How did you come up with the idea for it?
Since moving to Texas, I have learned so much about this state and the people who live here. Because I grew up and lived always in large cities on the East Coast of the States as well as in Japan, I came to Texas very green about the West. But once here, I loved it. The people are innately funny. You...
Where There's Smoke
by Erosa Knowles | Interview

Q: What's this series all about? Please give us an overview. What is the central theme that binds all the books together?
The Men of 3X Construction series deals with life after prison, and how three men turned their lives around by taking classes in Michigan's Prison Build program. These men overcome great odds to own and operate a successful business, but someone is trying to ruin all their hard work. Each partner deals...
by LJ DeLeon | Interview

Q: What is your Warriors for Light series all about? What is the common thing that binds all the books in this series?
The books in the series are about the eternal battle between good and evil, how most times life and the choices offered are shades of gray, and in each story how the brightest light, the one thing that heals wounds to the soul, is love. Without love, lust for power flourishes. With love, darkness is...
Witches of East End
by Melissa De La Cruz | Interview

Q: You made your name as a Young Adult books author, so what gave you the inspiration to write a series for adults? Where did the inspiration for WITCHES OF EAST END come from?
I wanted to write about a family of women, I wanted to write about sisters, about having a complicated relationship with your mother, and once I realized it was very girl-centric, of course they had to be witches. I did some research on Gardiner Island, which is the oldest independently owned property...
Flip the Beat - Hot Erotic Romance!
Only $1.99! Molly Ivers thinks she is falling for the opposite of Prince Charming, and she knows she should give him up, but, oh, the temptation. WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR Molly Ivers thought she found Prince Charming, but without a devilishly sexy accent, and six months ago she gave into their undeniable attraction. But the swarm of ever-present groupies was so not part of the fairy tale. As much as it hurt her heart, she shut out rocker Evan Castle. Now, on the verge of finishing her graduate degree and moving to Paris—she even hires a French life coach—Molly begins to realize Evan, who hasn't given up on her, might be the man of her dreams after all. Out on July 10th! Order your copy today!
A Good Man...a 2018 Northern Hearts double finalist!
A Good Man is a finalist in the 2018 Northern Hearts Contest in Contemporary Romance and Best Canadian Author categories. Not only is Michael a star on a successful home improvement show, he's also seen as a local hero. But no one knows about the demons he carries inside him ever since the day he risked his life to save others. All the accolades and honors only make the memories stronger and the pain unbearable. He would do anything to be able to forget, to put his past behind him and move on. Michael takes on a new home improvement project, convinced it's the perfect distraction. Little did he know that Emily, the woman who's supposed to be nothing more than a client, would turn out to be a huge distraction…and engaged. While Emily battles with her own personal problems, Michael is determined to keep his distance. The last thing he needs is woman trouble. But when it becomes clear that the attraction is mutual, he realizes staying away from her is not an option. Now Michael needs to decide if he's willing to risk exposing his weakness, and his heart…by giving in to temptation.
Kentucky Woman - Preorder!
Release July 11, 2018 99 cents Preorder - price increase after release What is Jack willing to do to win the heart of this spirited Kentucky woman? eBook available at most retailers.
Thunder Basin (A Snowy Range Novel)
Glenn Hawley is care-worn and just plain wore out. He gave up a law enforcement career to save his family, only to find himself on the wrong side of progress and teetering on bankruptcy. He needs a reason to get up in the morning… a reason to fight. The old saw—be careful what you wish for— comes home to roost when the fight lands on his doorstep in a hail of bullets. Unable to escape his past mistakes, and with the consequences of bad luck and poor choices closing in from every side, everything Glenn Hawley cares about is in jeopardy. It's going to take more than a village to help the ex-Sheriff save his ranch, his way of life and the family he is willing to risk everything for. As for his own redemption, sometimes it only takes one person to make all the difference. In the shadow of Wyoming's sweeping national grasslands, when history and the present collide, it will take more than a united front to protect an uncertain future where the stakes are high and courage is all a man has left. THUNDER BASIN explores one man's search for redemption and second chances. It is a character study in a contemporary western mystery-suspense setting, and includes a dollop of MF romance, high action and humor.
Kentucky Blue Bloods - Preorder!
Release August 1, 2018 99 cents preorder - price increases after release When Kentucky blue blood tangles with British blue blood, are they willing to take a gamble on love? eBook available at most retailers
Laura's Legacy
Alpha Dedric Newton worries his small pack offers little to the powerful and beautiful omega who has chosen him as her mate, but Laura's legacy might be the gift that saves them all. A GIFT BOUND BY LOVE
Queen's Island
Pre-Order Now! Claire needed rest and to focus on her health. Cade needed the job at the exclusive resort to pay off his brother's gambling debt. When they meet, sparks fly as the shy website content curator clashes with the bold Australian fitness trainer. When a stranger arrives on the island, everything changes as secrets are revealed in the coming storm. Get ready for romantic rivalry and thrilling danger on a remote island spa in lawless international water! (Arriving July 13th from Paper Gold Publishing)
A Quick and Fun Beach Read: Just Desserts...and Other Stories
Just Desserts was such a quick and fun read and some will have you laughing out loud. Perfect for a summer beach read. Vicki has a great sense of wit and humor which is what makes this book so enjoyable.
Cool off this summer ... or heat up!
Make THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT one of your beach reads this year and find out why readers have fallen in love with this Yuletide paranormal romance. Caution - BYOT (Bring Your Own Towel) for the shower scene! KINDLE EBOOK SALE - $1.99 during July.
Take a Ghost to the Beach this Summer!
Seriously, firefighter Galen McAlister could use some sun and sand. But he has a few things to take care of first – like not becoming a ghost permanently! Instead, make THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT one of your beach reads this year and find out why readers have fallen in love with this Yuletide paranormal romance. KINDLE EBOOK SALE - $1.99 this month only.
Make THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT one of your beach reads this year and find out why readers have fallen in love with this Yuletide paranormal romance. $1.99 this month only.
$0.99 deal on May-December adventure romance!
When his eight-year-old daughter is kidnapped in Montana, single dad Jason Kellerman enlists the help of park ranger Ben Hettler. Suppressing their burning mutual attraction, the two men begin a wild and desperate hunt through the wilderness… "A real roller-coaster ride.... I could not put this book down until I finished it!" ~ USA Today "A hunky park ranger, a lonely young father and a spitfire of a tweener. What's not to love? We've got a slow burn, some intense peril, explosive sex after pent-up feelings are expressed and a touch of relationship angst. Win! And, for the record, this epilogue goes down in the Epilogue Hall of Fame™. It was brilliant." ~ Gay Book Reviews Road to the Sun is a May-December gay romance from Keira Andrews featuring adventure, angst, coming out, sexual discovery, and of course a happy ending.
Powerful Destiny
5 stars: Captivating story of enduring love. Ninth century Norse raids on Britain were brutal and decisive. Leave no man standing and the women for pleasure or slavery. Until Norseman Rolf comes face to face with Celtic Brigid, daughter of the slain Celtic leader. Her beauty and courage stop him dead in his tracks, he wants this woman. During their terrifying journey to the Norsemen's homeland, Brigid realises she must agree to his demands to ensure the safety of her kinfolk. In doing so, an intense love develops that will endure for years to come - to the present day. Rolf, a loner living in Cornwall meets a beautiful spirited widow, Brigid. The attraction is instant, unusual dreams are made clear. Are they descended from the powerful Norseman and his beautiful wife Brigid? I think so. Reviewed by Jan Selbourne
Forged in Flood
From bestselling author Dahlia Donovan comes a new witty novella between three very different men. With drama, emotional turmoil, and hilarious banter, be prepared to be swept away in Dahlia's British M/M/M romance.
**RUSH has a SPECIAL pre-order price of $0.99. This is the only time it will be on sale. Price will rise to $3.99 on release day.** From Samantha Towle, New York Times bestselling author of Breaking Hollywood and Ruin, comes a new powerful, passionate and dramatic contemporary romance. "With the first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the New York Giants select…" It's been three years since quarterback Ares Kincaid's NFL dream came true, and he's living the high life. The days of cleaning up after his drunk of a father are long gone, and he has no intention of going back. A car crash and DUI charge meant a lengthy stint in rehab for Arianna Petrelli, and her dream of being a professional artist slips further away when she's sacked from her position at a gallery. Her need for a job stronger even than her dislike of football, Ari goes to work for her father, the head coach of the New York Giants. Ares hates alcoholics, which is fine with Ari because she thinks he's a brainless jock. Yet when Ares rescues Ari from a situation with her ex-boyfriend, an unlikely friendship begins – one that quickly becomes more. But messing around with the coach's daughter can only lead to one thing…trouble. 'A moving and fan-yourself-worthy love story' USA Today's Happy Ever After on Ruin
A different kind of romance, a sweet summer read - ASLEEP IN SCOTTSDALE
" I found Asleep in Scottsdale a refreshing change of pace. It combines a strong male character who spends a lot of time sleeping... The leading lady has an inner strength to find the culprit and the solutions. Very different from what I've read before. I loved it." 5-stars on amazon. When Talia runs over billionaire Kyle Dormant with her bicycle in the dog park, she considers their meeting a happy accident. He believes it is destiny, but her physician's mind rebels at such notions. Their budding romance comes to a grinding halt when Kyle won't wake up from deep sleep... with no medical explanation. Baffled and deeply concerned, Talia digs into his recent past for a plausible cause. Instead, she uncovers dark family secrets. Convinced Kyle's condition was induced, and someone wants him dead, she is anxious to save him, but the closer she gets to the sordid truth… and a possible cure, the greater the risk to both their lives.
The Beast's Baby Brings Drama and Romance to your ereader!
When Axel leaves home to find fame in the boxing ring, he has no idea that when he took Olive's virginity, he also gave her a precious gift to remember him by. Once he discovers what he's lost, he will fight to win the hearts of his two girls, and he won't stop until he makes them a family. "An intriguing story with lip-biting chemistry & captivating twists." ~Amazon Review This new release is 99cents for a limited time and FREE in Kindle Unlimited. Add it to your summer reading list today!
Dark Opius: Watchtower
Pre-order this full-length novel from the Cursed Angel Collection for only 99 cents.
Dangerous Beauty, Sexy Beast
Drayden saved Treva's life, but her incessant need for vengeance could mean the end of his. Enjoy this action-packed novella with a kick-ass heroine and a sexy, unique shifter.
NEW RELEASE - Daddy's Whip
Brand new and free in KU! She's as headstrong as any filly he's ever broken, but soon she'll call him daddy. Sam Cooper needs a capable hand for his working farm and trail trekking business, not a spoiled city girl who doesn't know a horse from a hamster. Instead, he finds himself saddled with a mouthy, disobedient little spitfire in desperate need of his firm hand applied to her bare bottom. When she fled Christchurch in the aftermath of a deadly earthquake, Marnie Sawyer figured anywhere would be better than the broken city, until she ended up under the roof--and over the knee--of a man every bit as rugged as the alpine wilderness in which he makes his home. Marnie isn't sure what is more shocking, Sam's willingness to scold and spank her like a little girl, or the way her body responds when he takes her in his arms and makes her his own. But leaving isn't an option, and though it makes her blush to admit it, she needs a daddy who isn't afraid to use his whip to break her in and teach her what it means to belong to him completely.
Determined To Master
Six wealthy bachelors, content playing the field and indulging their BDSM kinks. Five women who enter their lives unexpectedly, bringing issues most men would steer clear of. They aren't most men. They're dominant. Protective. And ruthless when someone they care about is threatened. Contains all five books in the Virginia Bluebloods series, hot alpha males, strong but vulnerable women, and HEA's.
Lightning and Lawmen
How did a simple hello turn into something so complicated? Love is about to leave one lawman thunderstruck in this sweet historical romance! Cultured and full of grace, Delilah Robbins agrees to accompany her meteorologist father to his new post in Baker City, Oregon. Expecting a primitive place, she's delighted to discover an up-and-coming town with plenty of surprises as well as a place she can turn into a sanctuary for her beloved birds. As she settles into life in the western town, she unwittingly creates a riff between two deputies when they both fall for her charms. Deputy Dugan Durfey only meant to extend a friendly welcome to a newcomer. But the moment he set eyes on the meteorologist's delightful daughter, Dugan's heart was no longer his own. Since his best friend and fellow deputy suffered the same fate, Dugan struggles to do what's right. He'll fight jealousy, outlaws, and a wily raccoon to keep Delilah safe, but the greater battle lies in overcoming his fears to profess his love. Filled with humor, adventure, and plenty of sweet romance, Lightning and Lawmen highlights the history of the era and blends it with the timeless feelings of discovering true love.
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