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Lucky Charm
by Marie Astor | Interview

Q: What is the inspiration for LUCKY CHARM?
Romance is such a big part of women's lives - we spend so much time dreaming and worrying about finding that special someone, but when things do not go exactly as planned, we rely on our friends to help us through the tough times. I knew that I wanted to write a fun contemporary romance about the magical...
Romancing the Countess
by Ashley March | Interview

Q: ROMANCING THE COUNTESS is a truly unique and fabulous story by the fact that your hero and heroine were both tragically betrayed in their first marriages and had to see if they could take another chance on love with each other. Where did the idea or the inspiration come from to write this story about such an unusual couple?
I'm so glad you enjoyed the storyline! I would love to give you a truly romantic answer about getting the idea for ROMANCING THE COUNTESS one day on a trip to Paris, but the truth is I've never been to Paris (yet!), and I actually had the idea for such a concept a few years ago when I was working a...
by Margaret Ethridge | Interview

Q: We're so glad you can make it, because we'd love to talk about this unique concept. A series that look at After Happily Ever! What inspired this particular series of books?
After Happily Ever is a new line created by Turquoise Morning Press to feature stories that take place after a couple rides off into the sunset. In other words, they are not your typical romance novels. I was very excited that CONTENTMENT was chosen to be the debut title for the AHE line because I believe...
The Empire
by Elizabeth Lang | Interview

Q: What is the inspiration for THE EMPIRE, the first in a trilogy?
My inspiration was the characters. I had been writing some short stories with this cast and I was having so much fun that I decided to expand them into a proper story.

The storyline came from a desire to explore the issue of the ends justifying the means and looking at it from various angles. In...

Running in Fear: Dragon's Den
by Trinity Blacio | Interview

Q: RUNNING IN FEAR: DRAGON'S DEN is book five in the Running in Fear Series. How did you come up with the concept for the series?
At first I had three books in my mind, but after, the three other characters kept popping up in my head. My fans kept asking for more stories and a greater plot formed to connect the other stories that wanted to be brought to life. So, for right now, I have at least three more planned maybe more, and...
His Country Cinderella
by Karen Rose Smith | Interview

Q: What inspired the series Montana Mavericks: Here Come the Texans series? What is the unifying theme?
The Montana Mavericks is a continuity series that is added to year after year. Harlequin comes up with the basic thread that weaves throughout all the books, the type of hero and heroine for each plot and a short summary of the kind of plot they'd like to see. Each author in the series creates a plot...
by Jianne Carlo | Interview

Q: DEVIANT DEVIL is quite the action-packed romantic suspense. What kind of research goes into planning those complicated ops you had in the story?
A ton - but it was so much fun. I purchased the Navy SEALS BUD/s Class 234 DVD and watched that a bunch of times--incredible and fascinating to see what these warriors must do to earn that trident. I read the following books:

The Warrior Elite - The Forging of SEAL class 228

Team Secrets of The...

One Good Reason
by Sarah Mayberry | Interview

Q: We know that heroine Gabby is Tyler's ex-girlfriend (from the previous book, The Last Goodbye) and hero Jon is Tyler's brother, but what gave you the inspiration to put these two characters together?
When I was writing the first scene with Gabby in TLG, even though I hadn't planned it when I outlined the book, I decided she should be Tyler's ex-girlfriend. I thought it would help shed light on his intimacy issues as well as give him a confidante. The more I wrote, however, the more I liked Gabby....
Shinobi, Book One: Concealed in Shadows
by Sessha Batto | Interview

Q: From where did you draw the inspiration for the Shinobi series?
I've studied martial arts and swordsmanship for many years, and I've always been intrigued by the conflict inherent in the martial code of honor. To me, ninja are the epitome of this conflict, assassins and spies who are loyal to their clans to the death. Trained to set aside their emotions, yet carrying...
A Fateful Wind
by Suzette Stone | Interview

Q: Where did you draw inspiration for A FATEFUL WIND?
I grew up in a tiny village on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, UK. As a child we would play around a defunct tin mine - dangerous I know - and I was always intrigued by the stories I would hear of miners leaving behind their families to seek their fortunes in Australia, America and Mexico. The village I lived...
Strong Arms of the Law
by Cerise DeLand | Interview

Q: STRONG ARMS OF THE LAW is a VERY hot read. There's no question about that, but it also has a great plot and interesting story. How did you come up with the idea for it?
Since moving to Texas, I have learned so much about this state and the people who live here. Because I grew up and lived always in large cities on the East Coast of the States as well as in Japan, I came to Texas very green about the West. But once here, I loved it. The people are innately funny. You...
Where There's Smoke
by Erosa Knowles | Interview

Q: What's this series all about? Please give us an overview. What is the central theme that binds all the books together?
The Men of 3X Construction series deals with life after prison, and how three men turned their lives around by taking classes in Michigan's Prison Build program. These men overcome great odds to own and operate a successful business, but someone is trying to ruin all their hard work. Each partner deals...
by LJ DeLeon | Interview

Q: What is your Warriors for Light series all about? What is the common thing that binds all the books in this series?
The books in the series are about the eternal battle between good and evil, how most times life and the choices offered are shades of gray, and in each story how the brightest light, the one thing that heals wounds to the soul, is love. Without love, lust for power flourishes. With love, darkness is...
Vella, Cupids & Cowboys Book 3
When Vella Givens learns three orphaned siblings are hiding in town and stealing to survive, she knows she must find and protect them from men who want to separate and adopt them out for cash. But she fears Marshal Baird McKiernan and his lawman's ethics would force him to do the legal thing and return the children to the orphan train they escaped from. Unable to follow his dream of becoming a doctor, Baird wants to help—if only he can convince Vella to trust him to do what's right for the children. The orphans, Dewey, Jess and Nedra, have plans of their own. They want parents who will take all three of them, and Baird and Vella are the couple they choose. They'll do anything they can to help them fall in love.
Under the Kissing Ball
A Christmas kiss between friends is simple, until it isn't… Clarissa Chalmers Simmons' world is in turmoil. After fleeing an abusive marriage and her divorce, all she wants is to heal and create a calm, safe environment for her children. She's returned to her ancestral home and the comfort of family, which includes a trusted childhood friend, Roger. She finds him handsome and sweet, but too set in his ways for her taste. With Roger's encouragement and help, Clarissa takes on a new position in the family business and gains personal satisfaction she's never known. What she doesn't plan on is her and Roger's ‘under the mistletoe ball' kiss rocking her world. Roger Clarke, is the easy-going estate manager at Hartley Castle and a confirmed bachelor. He has always been there in Clarissa's background but recently has become her rock-steady confidant. Despite his long-held secret feelings for the flighty, beautiful and willful Clarissa, he has never acted on them. He's not a suitable match for her. After all he is an employee of his best friend and her brother, Lord Hartley. Even if given the chance, Roger has no desire to become the rebound guy. Despite that, if he doesn't act on Clarissa's passionate reaction to his kiss, he might lose his chance of having the only woman who's ever stirred his heart. This book is a part of the Modern Masters of Their Castle Series.
Do you have.... Appetite for Blood?
Arriving this December at Audible, Amazon and iTunes. A revolution is roaring into the 1920s! Vampires, who previously killed to feed, now thrill to feed. The revolution is led by a four-hundred-year-old vampire, Rick Hiatt, and his newly turned ward, Matt Brenner. This is not the first time Rick has encountered the brutal treachery of the Moreau family of vampires, but he and Matt seek to make it the last. Los Angelinos mortal and immortal are under attack by the entitled, remorseless Moreaus. Dragon-shifter Adam Lachlan and seductresses Venus and Luna, team up with Rick and Matt to put an end to the siege. Brute strength won't take these hellions down, but they might be hoodwinked into exposing themselves. Read about the origins of the fast friendship between Matt, Rick, and Adam, and see how their BDSM empire grew from humble beginnings to an international conglomerate.
Discover the Mother Lode - North To Alaska - The Gold Rush
Gold Lust Conspiracy by award-winning author, Lynda Rees A marriage of convenience turns Jessie Blackstone into a young widow responsible for the livelihood of many in savage, lawless Skagway, Alaska. Jessie faces severe weather, brutal landscape, her sordid past, and her attraction to virile lumberjack Logan Pace. She must learn to thrive in a man's hostile business world. Gold Lust Conspiracy is a racy, romance about searching for elusive love in savage frontier. Skagway is a hotbed of sinister, criminal activity with no lawful influence, during the 1890's Alaskan Gold Rush. BECOME A VIP FOR FREEBEES AND FIRST TO KNOW NEWS.
SHARING HAMILTON is a Worldwide Amazon Best Seller
Worldwide readers, thank you for making my biographical romance thriller SHARING HAMILTON an international Amazon best seller. It reached the top of the rankings in Spain, India, and Italy. In Philadelphia in 1791, James and Maria Reynolds are flat broke. Well aware of the attraction between his wife and Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, James hatches a plan to blackmail Alexander and get rich - and sends Maria to seduce him. Meanwhile, the mysterious Dr. Severus Black befriends the Hamiltons and becomes a close confidant of Alexander's wife, Eliza. While Mrs. Hamilton grows fond of the handsome doctor, she also senses something different about the debonair young man. A vicious serial killer is stalking the city by night. As Hamilton's affair with Maria runs headlong towards personal and professional catastrophe, the constables of Philadelphia draw a net around the emerged killer of young serving girls. But what connection could Dr. Black have with the murders, which a hundred years later would be mirrored in his own country... by none other than Jack the Ripper?
Waiting for a Miracle
Oklahoma RWA awarded my Hanukkah novella a second place IDA in its inspirational shorts category. Why not give it a try this holiday season?
Savings Ellis (The Darlings of Deadwood)
A trip to Deadwood, South Dakota turns out to be a longer journey than Colleen Wenzel and her fiancé, Isaac Swearengin could ever imagine. After touching an old photo, they are magically transported back in time to 1883 Deadwood. Will going into the past save their future?
Tomorrow Blossoms
When a young man learns his birth family is looking for him, he's understandably apprehensive. They meet and he develops feelings for his new family. Not too unusual, right? But what if the man he thinks is his father had been misled? Even stranger, what if the man who raised him turns out to be his real father? Everyone in this family has a story to tell, of love lost, love found, and love foolishly tossed aside. Now only 99 cents.
FREE! A Highlander For Christmas!
Get A Highlander For Christmas FREE for a limited time!
Café Mocha
Cinnamon Jones decides to change her way of thinking when it comes to meeting men. It's a romance short story with a universal appeal.
Upon Your Return
Excitement and passion arrive in two coastal France towns with this captivating love story about a young heiress and a devilishly charming ship captain. Fara Bellamont has always kept her dreams of adventure and discovering a soul-searing passion to herself. So, when Captain Grant Hill makes his grand entrance into her life by way of rescuing her one fateful night, she knows she's in trouble. He completely steals her heart. But, as far as society is concerned, he's also not a suitable husband. Not only must they overcome social expectations to be together, but wars, and lies, as well. And with a long-time yearning neither has managed to achieve, the pair must fight to attain their deepest desire: Happiness. If you loved Surrender of a Siren by Tessa Dare or The Other Miss Brigerton by Julia Quinn, you'll love this "exciting" and "intricate" standalone Historical Romance set by the sea. Get your copy today…
88s, Baby
New Romance Release! Just 99 cents! "Quentin is definitely book boyfriend material!" ~Award winning author Rhea Rhodan
"Gideon's Light: Orlosian Warriors Bk. 3"
"Gideon's Light: Orlosian Warriors Bk. 3" is LIVE! The series includes books 1-3 and two novellas, "Outreach," and "Alerian's War," an Orlosian Warriors short originally published in the "Feisty Heroines" collection. There's more to come in this PNR/UF series.
Meg Todd is tired of putting her happiness on hold. When she learns her bullying brother-in-law has horrifying plans for her future, she asks an attorney family friend for help escaping. Meg wants her own husband and home and is willing to move over halfway across the country to achieve her goal. Is she too impulsive when she agrees to take two children for their dying mother? Curtis McClain has to be careful with his small savings or it won't fund his dream of his own newspaper. He wants a wife—he needs someone to help him with the newspaper. If he can combine the two, then he'll be all right. In a few years, they can start a family. But, will a woman want to move to the middle of nowhere on those terms?
Freckle Face & Blondie and The Thinking Tree are two middle-grade children's books that will make your child learn to love reading, develop awareness of the world around them and help them develop reasoning skills. Freckles & Blondie open their own private investigation agency and take on multiple cases in their small hometown. They're needed to solve a missing person-s case, locate a lost loved one and an expensive jewel that has disappeared without a trace. These rambunctuous youngsters do all this while bringing their neighbors together for a good cause. Get them both in time for Christmas!
COMING SOON: Prince of Deceit
Wilderheim's worst fears have come true. The Veil is shattered and Ragnarok is coming for them all. Prince Fal is now the only one left to stand against the destruction of his kingdom—but how can he save his people, when he can't even save himself? Overwhelmed by his own magic, Fal is shrouded in constant illusions that make a lie of him as well as the world around him. If he can't find a cure, he'll soon lose himself completely, and Wilderheim's last hope of survival will disappear. His one chance is the old carver's peculiar daughter, whose very touch somehow makes Fal's illusions vanish. But Sanja has problems of her own—ones that might kill her before she can do anything to help Fal, or his kingdom. With time quickly running out, Fal and Sanja must find a way to save themselves and stop Ragnarok in its tracks before it's too late. When armies march, an age will end… The long-awaited conclusion to the DAWN OF RAGNAROK series is coming December 21, 2020! Catch up on the 3-book series with The Royal Wizard and Dragonblood.
Christmas Comes To Dickens
Welcome to Dickens—a quaint New England town bustling with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming Christmas holiday. We have an annual tree lighting in the town square, a snowman building competition, ice skating on Grosvenor's Pond, and horse-drawn sleigh rides. You're welcome to cut down your own Christmas tree at Gridley Meadows Tree Farm, or join in the caroling on the Common. Dickens offers an abundance of heartfelt wishes, a few much needed miracles, and—quite possibly—a touch of magic! Families reunite, new friends are made, and old flames take a second chance at happiness. All while celebrating this most joyful time of the year. USA Today and Top 100 Best Selling & Award-Winning authors will fill your holiday stocking with ten brand new novellas ranging from sweet to sassy. While you're shopping, don't forget to grab our FREE "It's a Dickens of a Cookie!" recipe book!
A Kink a Day – Book One by Kay Jaybee
From the spank of a belt, to the unorthodox use of a dictionary; the bizarre obsession of an Egyptologist, to the afterhours indulgences of the staff recreating life in a strictly-run Victorian manor, A Kink a Day Book One provides a bite-sized moment of lust-fuelled distraction for each day of the week—with an additional erotic fantasy to enhance your Saturday morning lie-in. A Kink a Day Book One contains stories previously published in Quick Kink One.
Some bonds can't be broken by time and distance.
OPERATION SECOND CHANCE By Award-Winning Author, Lynda Rees Once scrawny and nerdy, Dex Strong commits his life and exceptional mind to service as a Navy Seal. Motorcycling security guard, horseback-riding mother and widow, Zoe Waters is comfortable in her tiny nook of the world. Misfit youthful pals, now resilient, dynamic adults are reunited through tragedy. Friendship morphs into love and puts Zoe in a killer's cross hairs. ♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥This is an Awesome book OPERATION SECOND CHANCE ♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ BOOKBUB 5 STAR REVIEW I had not read any of her work before but I will be reading more. If Zoe didn't kill her husband, who did? Seems like most of the town had reason. Take a trip to Kentucky and meet new friends and find a killer. A VIP:
Breeder Slave (Deg'Nara Book 2)
He was her salvation…or her destruction. The galactic war between the Chiagan-Se and the treacherous Deg'Nara wages on. The human females Leah and the Irish lass Moira are captured and then abandoned, forced to fend for themselves on a barren planet light years from all they know. Their only hope is Sulas, a fugitive breeder slave, who wants nothing to do with them. Survival is chancy at best, but together, the three embark on a perilous journey to rejoin the Chiagan-Se rebels. But can they survive?
Ties That Bind
What her readers have to say about Ties That Bind- ‘Could not put it down. Kept me on the edge of my seat! Loved it! More please!' ‘Anne Patrick does not disappoint. Her books are definitely hard to put down.' ‘Wow!! Excellent thriller!! Good strong characters and story line. Scary stuff! I could not put it down and read it from start to finish! One of the best thrillers I've read in a while.'
Is YOUR Neighborhood a Predator's Prey Ground?
FBI Special Agent Reggie Casse and U. S. Marshal Shae Montgomery resent each other's intrusion, when they must join forces to stop abductions around Sweetwater, Kentucky. Antagonism turns to attraction they can't act on without putting lives in danger. Reggie is planning a wedding. Shae's ex wants her man back. Investigation leads to powerful players. Innocent children are at risk. Shots are fired. Will they get past their differences and have each other's backs?
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