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Finding Matt
by JD Ruskin | Interview

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for FINDING MATT? N:
Jaron Greenberg's Newfoundland dog, Bear, was inspired by my childhood dog. Bear's fearlessness and protective nature are a nod to my very first dog. I also tend to get a lot of inspiration from the news. I live in a small town similar to Stanton, IL. The inspiration for FINDING MATT is based on a real...
Bronze Fox
by Diana Green | Interview

Q: Where did you get the inspiration for your Rifters series? What is the significance of the series title? How are the books tied together?N:
As sometimes happens with me, the initial inspiration came from an amazing dream. I woke after dreaming the opening scenes of BRONZE FOX and just had to write them down. They were so vivid and intriguing, I couldn't help adding more. That was the seed for the first novel, and then ideas for a whole series...
Brooke: Wagers Gone Awry
by Collette Cameron | Interview

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for the Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper series? How are the books tied together?N:
I have three sisters and two first cousins I'm very close to. In fact, my cousin was my best friend from the time we were both babies until she died of brain cancer. I wanted to write a series that showed the unique bond between sisters and cousins, but also allowed me to have free rein with my quirky...
Time Eternal
by Lily Morgan | Interview

Q: What inspired the Time Series? What is it about?N:
My inspirations come from different places--my work, my friends, things I've read, things that I've loved since I was a little girl, especially things that are very different from my day job.

After being an avid romance novel reader for many years, I've started having an itch, needing to create...

Prymal Passion
by Jianne Carlo | Interview

Q: Which is titled PRYMAL PASSION. What has the series arc been so far? What's happened by now in the Prymal world?

In Prymal Passion we get the first hint of what the enemy, the Jaeger, looks like. I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I'm not going to go into detail about that revelation.

Saving Their Princess
by TL Reeve | Interview

Q: SAVING THEIR PRINCESS is book #10 in the Beyond Fairytales series. Please give us an overview of the series, and the inspiration for its conception. N:
Okay, a quick run of the series is simple. There is a storyteller, Nicodemus, who for a gold coin will tell you a story. Those are the fairytales we create, but they're not the fairytales you or I read as a child. No, these are souped up retellings made for adults. Check out the Beyond Fairytale Blog...
Prymal Obsession
by Jianne Carlo | Interview

Q: Which is entitled PRYMAL OBSESSION. How are the books interconnected? Do you have an overall series arc?
For those who don't know the premise of the Prymal Series, here's a summary:

The primal call of Mate Claim sparks battle among the three species of shifters--Wylfen, Feral, and Rogue--and has for generations. These violent feuds incite hunts by humankind, driving shifters near extinction.

To protect...

Dragon Wife
by Diana Green | Interview

Q: What is your inspiration for DRAGON WIFE?
The inspiration for this novel came directly from an amazingly vivid dream. In it, I experienced living in a medieval other-world where dragons had just woken from centuries of enchanted sleep. The hero and heroine were already there, fully-formed, as was my sense of their dynamic relationship.


Love Aced
by Jamie W. Matlock | Interview

Q: What's your inspiration for this story?
I'm an avid sports fan--tennis, football, hockey, auto racing. You name it and I probably follow it! I've always enjoyed infusing sports into my stories (And it doesn't hurt that most athletes are in the best shape of their lives, making for sexy leading men and ladies!). That's not to say that everything...
Sapphire Blues
by JC Wardon | Interview

Q: What's your inspiration for the series? What is the central theme that holds all the books together?
This thirteen book series actually began as a single story. One book. But there are three mystical identical sisters who are descended of a three thousand year old line they can trace, and a curse all have lived under all those millennia. So Mystic Thunder became the first of a trilogy that includes...
by Dahlia Donovan | Interview

B:Contest extended to September 30, 2014.
Prymal Lust
by Jianne Carlo | Interview

B:Contest extended to September 30, 2014.
Prymal Lust
by Jianne Carlo | Interview

Q: Please tell us more about the PRYMAL series. What is your inspiration for this series?
A nightmare *nodding convincingly*--cross my heart, yada, yada.

Ever have one of those awful dreams where you're trapped that repeats and repeats no matter how hard you try to change the ending or wake up? I had been reading three genres at once: a Regency, a shifter, and a SEAL suspense.


Her Consent
Jasmine Locke never backs down. Making Joe Norris stand up and pay attention to her is just another challenge she intends to conquer. The man is entirely too attractive to be so uptight. He may think she owes him for testing the limits of his credit card, but he's about to learn she has no boundaries. With a video from her past threatening to ruin everything, borrowing from Joe this time may prove to be one costly mistake. Joe Norris isn't sure how much more he can take. Jasmine Locke is making him crazy. With her wicked sense of humor and a body that won't quit, he's at his wits end when it comes to her. He'd like to think he's teaching her about acceptable behavior but he's discovering she's the one educating him. Learning snap judgments aren't wise is the biggest lesson he's been taught in a while. Now earning Jasmine's forgiveness and winning her heart is proving next to impossible.
5 Book Boyfriends For A Buck Each!
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Daisies Are Forever
April Heatherton, history teacher and volunteer firefighter, fights for the land she holds dear, particularly the grave of an unknown pioneer woman who once trekked the Oregon Trail. Proposed logging operations are encroaching, and April soon finds herself organizing a local task force to try to stop them. But can she fight her attraction for the good-looking logger, son of the owner of Johnson Brothers Logging?
A beauty & the geek story, billionaire style.
The Lion Tamer
One dominant Marine. One troubled rugby player. The Sin Bin will never be the same. Gray Baird's to-do list for the year includes starting a restaurant, claiming his submissive, and keeping his nosy friends out of his business. He has his work seriously cut out for him. Scottie Monk prides himself on bullying his way through problems—and sometimes even people. His life is spiralling out of his control, but he refuses to break. The last thing he expects is to find peace in the confines of submission. One man will try to tame a lion. One man will try to heal.
Jewel Cave
Through ten wonderful years Griff Diamond and Clint Bishop weathered good times and bad together. Lately they haven't spent as much time together as they'd like, and their physical relationship is suffering. Then Clint loses his job at the steel mill. Instead of worrying, he sees it as an opportunity to lean on his steady partner, start his writing career, and rekindle the passion they've lost. But a friendly relationship with another author turns to obsession, putting Clint's life in danger. Taken against his will to the Jewel Cave system in South Dakota, Clint must rely on the skills he's learned from Griff to survive. Fearing the worst, Griff tracks Clint across the country. As a US Marshall, Griff's always been the man who keeps everyone safe, but he doesn't know how he and Clint will survive this.
Rescued By The Cyborg
A cyborg with haunted past, a woman with a clouded future… Battered and broken, hostage and sole survivor Solia waits for death at the hands of vicious predatory aliens when Cy-Ops agent Guy Roarke disobeys orders, charges in, and rescues her. A former medic, he initiates emergency medical procedures before rushing her to Cybermed, in hopes of saving her wing so she can fly again. He's taken with the delicate, brave Faria, but his best intentions result in unfortunate consequences that place her in greater jeopardy. Can he overcome the guilt of past mistakes in time to save her life?
Only A Hero Will Do
Defender of the realm…and his wary heart… Captain Grant Alexander is an enigma in London society. Dashing and handsome, he coldly eschews marriage. But the ton knows nothing of his role in the Legion: to bring Typhon, the traitor who seeks to destroy the British monarchy, to justice. When Grant is thrown together with fellow Legion member Elizabeth Atwell, he's instantly beguiled yet exasperated by this beautiful viscount's daughter. She has little interest in combing the marriage mart for a well-bred, well-heeled husband, but is adept at code-breaking and handling a bow and arrow. She also refuses to do as she is told, insisting she accompany Grant on his mission. As Typhon continues to evade capture and dark forces are at work, Grant realizes he must act, not only to protect the realm but Elizabeth too…not to mention his heart, which is in danger of thawing every time she comes close.
Her Sister's Keeper
Logan Corbett, registered nurse, suddenly becomes the guardian of her 10-year-old sister, Kim. A former prizewinning gymnast, the girl was seriously injured in the same plane accident that killed their parents. Logan admits she's overly protective of Kim, but only wants what she thinks is best for her. Dr. Zachary Dellinger, a pediatrician at the hospital where Logan works, suggests that Kim should attend a summer camp for children with special needs. Logan agrees, but on one condition--that she will volunteer to be the camp nurse so she can keep a close eye on Kim. Under starlit skies and breezy summer days, Logan struggles with her growing attraction to the handsome pediatrician--all the while, battling the urge to hold on too tightly to Kim. Will Logan ever be able to let go enough to allow love into both their lives?
Directions Of The Heart
Four drama-filled romance tales set in the genres of contemporary, new adult and western romance... Fighting through the darkness, will they see the light? Embark on a remarkable journey of drama, romance, and passion... In all of these amazing stories, there's one burning love worth the risk?
A Knight's Love
Fighting alongside his two brothers, Garvin Campbell of Clan Campbell is content to remain in the shadows. After all, he's lived most of his adult life as a Knight Templar, and that requires him being in the shadows, not seen or heard. "Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed Nomini tuo da gloriam; (Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy Name, give glory)." That was the rule of the Templars until they were forced to disband at the request of King Philip IV "the Fair" of France. Many of the Order's members in France were arrested and tortured. However, Scotland did not get involved in the arrests and prosecution of the Knights. There was no recognized king of the Scots, and with the Bruce having already been excommunicated, the Roman church had little say in Scottish politics, so Garvin returned to his clan to use his skills in the fight against the English for Scottish independence. Having been told all her life to avoid the Campbells, the last thing Lady Helen is thinking about is falling in love with a Campbell, and a Knight Templar at that. She is aware the Templar Knight has taken a vow of abstinence, so when Garvin Campbell comes to her clan to deliver the decree from Robert the Bruce, Helen is unprepared for the connection she immediately feels for the knight. She dismisses it as butterflies at meeting a knight, but fate has other plans for her and Garvin, as he becomes her reason for living and he forgoes his training of remaining in the shadows as he surrenders to love.
Getting It Back/red Hot Russians 3
Figure Skating Romance ON SALE for $1.99 this month! In this second-chances romance, a former top men's figure skating champion is willing to risk everything for a comeback—except a new start with his long-lost love An unexpected phone call from the man who broke her heart offers Amy Shepherd an opportunity to return to the work she loves, training elite figure skaters. Except it's just one figure skater: him. Can she finally forgive and forget? Figure skater Mikhail "Misha" Zaikov once had it all: medals, money and the adoration of millions. But a devastating injury put an end to his career and his romance, leaving him with nothing but regret over what could have been. His last chance to rejoin the world's top skaters is now. And there's only one person who can help him: her. On Russia's unyielding ice, Misha must reclaim what he's lost while facing off against a talented young rival and risking further injury. But Amy soon discovers Misha's much bigger challenges lurk off the ice. And she's determined to keep Misha whole and healthy, even if doing so ends his shot at the gold.
One Summer Night Contemporary Romance
"One Summer Night is the perfect escape! You can't go wrong with Caridad Pineiro." -- RaeAnne Thayne, New York Times Bestselling Author He was her first crush; Now he's her sworn enemy. But when the Jersey Shore starts heating up He may just become the one she can't forget Everyone knows about the bad blood between the Pierces and Sinclairs. Their families are supposed to hate each other, but Owen has been watching Maggie from afar for years. Whenever he can get down to the shore, he strolls the sand hoping for a chance meeting—and a repeat of the forbidden kiss they shared one fateful summer night. If only he knew whether she felt the same way. When Owen hears that Maggie's in trouble, he doesn't hesitate to step in. Maggie's about to lose the family business, and she's even mortgaged her beloved house on the Shore. She has no choice but to accept Owen's help. But what's he going to demand in return? Publishers Weekly Top 10 Fall Romance Selection!
Addicted To Love
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The Heart Of Historical Romance
The Heart You Own - Set in 1890's New Mexico Territory. Kara Jonston has met her match in Scottish Lord, Hawke Pryce. She wants the new part-owner of her father's ranch gone. He wants her. The Heart You Need - 1890's San Francisco - Reporter Adeline Ellsworth is on the trail of a killer. Alec McCairn, Lord Peyton is doing everything he can to keep her from being the next target.
My Bad-boy Summer
Will Nolan give up his bad-boy ways for Vija? 17-year-old Vija Skalbe wants to be an all-American girl—no matter how hard her parents try to impose their strict Latvian standards on her. She feels unsure of herself with one foot in each country. Then Nolan, a folksinger, steals her heart at a coffeehouse. When Nolan stops at their table, it's Vija's friend, Caprice, who does all the talking. But it is Vija who gets his phone number—and later the back seat of his motorcycle. Soon she is cruising from one adventure to another, dizzy with joy, her new-found freedom and the excitement of being with the kind of guy who is a challenge. However, when her father has a heart attack, Vija must take over running the family lawn-care business. She feels overwhelmed until sweet brainiac Joel volunteers to help. He shares the workload and lifts her spirits with his humor. But it is Nolan who fills her heart. It doesn't matter that Nolan wants everything his way. Or that he's constantly eyeing other girls. Or that he can be pouty and punitive. Or that he says she's seeing things all wrong. Until it does matter. But Vija's in so deep. Will he change? Will she deal with Nolan's controlling tactics, or is she too far under his spell?
Roping Cupid
Finally home after finishing medical school, the last thing Harley Brannon expects is to come face to face with the part of her past that wrote her destiny. Professional rodeo champion Tim Kindle has chased buckle bunnies from one rodeo to the next, never staying in one place long enough to unpack his suitcase. A trip back to his hometown and an encounter with the girl that has haunted his dreams since their High School Valentine's Day dance gives him another chance to rewrite history. Can he rope Cupid and win the only woman he's ever loved?
New Paranormal Romance: The Darkling Hunters
Love, lust, and deadly secrets have the power to destroy even the best-laid plans. When Dex and Sam discover that the woman they love might not be who she seems, they'll have to put it all on the line to save the mission---and their souls. Brand new Paranormal Romance from Rhiannon Ayers.
May I Have This Dance?
Turn the key, wind the gears, and discover the dark secret hidden inside THE MUSIC BOX. Is love with this sacrifice? A victim of obligation, Gabrielle spends her days slogging away in a dead-end job, fending off the unwanted advances of her manager. At night, she spoon-feeds memories to her mother, a resident at an assisted-living facility, which specializes in dementia. The only highpoint in her life is Luciano, the grandson of another patient. When his grandmother passes away, Luciano bequeaths Gabrielle an antique music box, which plays a hauntingly familiar tune, her mother's favorite song. However, the music box hides a dark secret, one which could rip apart the budding relationship. Once the truth is revealed, Gabrielle must decide what she is willing to sacrifice for love. Would you make the same choice?
New Release - 99 Cents Until 2/20/18 - To Free A Phantom
A second-chance romance where the past isn't the only thing that's haunting… Paranormal investigator and IT genius Gage Dawson sucks at dating. Ten times out of ten, his relationships don't make it past dinner. But when his childhood best friend comes back into his life, he's determined to take her all the way to breakfast. He never told her he loved her in high school. Hopefully he won't make that mistake again. Psychic medium Erica Miller is struggling to make her haunted community theater a success. She's never had a problem with ghosts before, but when black-outs, confusion, and headaches plague her rehearsals, she'll need the help of a certain paranormal investigator to find the culprit. Erica hasn't seen Gage since high school, and the nerdy boy-next-door she once called her best friend has grown into a mouth-watering specimen of a man. Will sparks fly between them, or will the spirits drive them apart?
A Catered Romance
Sizzling. Sensual. Scrumptious There's more than business brewing between two old high school flames... Stubbornly self-reliant Mary Beth Kendrick needs financial backing to keep her catering business cooking. A looming corporate buyout forces her to accept help from Tom Sackett, the man who broke her heart and left her with no appetite for love. Unable to forget Mary Beth, Tom sets out to win her forgiveness. As he gets to know her again through their shared business interests, he realizes he wants more than forgiveness from her. He wants her in his life. Grateful for Tom's support but unwilling to trust him, Mary Beth vows to keep their relationship strictly business. But his attentiveness, culminating in a night of passion, starts to melt her icy resolve and shows her the caring, sensitive man Tom has become. Can Mary Beth learn to love and trust again? Will she and Tom open their hearts to a second chance at love? 2013 Winner, Second-Place Contemporary Romance, Oklahoma Romance Writers International Digital Awards "(Cara Marsi) whips up a delicious romance with her novel A Catered Romance. I devoured every sweet nuance in this story of reawakened love." ...RITA nominee Elizabeth Keys
New Release! Ex-hitman, Ray Miller got immunity in exchange for testifying against Sarge, his former handler. Grateful for the second chance, Ray and his lover, Jared open their own P.I. agency and call it Watchdogs. But their happily ever after doesn't last long. Jared is having nightmares that seem all too real, and someone is stalking him. Ray suspects Sarge wants revenge, but he soon discovers a more dangerous foe is after them. How can he protect himself and Jared, when their enemy is a wolf?
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