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by Dahlia Donovan | Interview

Q: What's your inspiration for the Blackbird Series? What is the common thread among all the books?
IVY (Book 1) was inspired by a crazy dream I had after watching too much Strike Back. The series developed because I wanted to tell the whole story of the Blackbird pack. The main common thread, I suppose, is that the entire series is connected in some way by Ivy herself, though she isn't the main...
The Gull Motel
by Amie Denman | Interview

Q: What's your inspiration for this book?
I love to travel, and I find hotels and motels fascinating. I love to stay in fancy resort hotels, but there is something fascinating about those old "mom and pop" places you see along the road. They must have a lot of stories to tell! There really is a motel called The Gull Motel in the town where I...
The Legacy of Buchanan's Crossing
by Rhea Rhodan | Interview

Q: What is your inspiration for this story?
A rough draft of the book's first scene arose during a session using tarot cards as writing prompts. Here's a link to a blog post I wrote about the process:

Cupid's Arrow
by Jianne Carlo | Interview

Q: What's your inspiration for this story? I believe there are lots of Cupid stories out there. What fresh element did you include here?
The heroine, Stephanie, is a young woman who is cancer survivor and she has a bucket list:

1. Become a sexual person.

2. Have too much wine.

3. Learn how to masturbate.

4. Lose her virginity.

NOT on her list is falling in love.

by Teri Riggs | Interview

Q: RESOLUTIONS is the first book in the Honor Guard series. What's the series about? What connects all the books in the series?
The Honor Guard series is actually the name of a line for Decadent Publishing, mostly featuring hero/heroine who are military, cops, and other high danger types. There are several other authors who write books for the Honor Guard series and they are not connected to RESOLUTIONS. I enjoyed the characters...
Tearing Down Walls
by Deanndra Hall | Interview

Q: TEARING DOWN WALLS is the second in the Love Under Construction series. Where did you get the inspiration for this series? What common thread connects the books?
I'm a Kentucky native, so Louisville was a great setting. I'd had Nikki in my head for at least twelve years and I knew her background but I'd never had a story for her. And I'd gotten tired of the "billionaire and shop girl" premise so common in romance. I wanted real guys, guys who worked hard and...
Rebel Love
by Scarlett Scott | Interview

Q: REBEL LOVE is the second in the Heart's Temptation series. What's your inspiration for this series? What common element holds the series together? What is this series about?
This series was inspired by a book I found years ago at a library sale. I read it and became hooked on the late 19th century--it was an age of tremendous change, fascinating people and beautiful fashion. I knew I had to write a series set in that time period, and that's how Heart's Temptation was born....
Dragon Maid
by Ann Gimpel | Interview

Q: DRAGON MAID is the second in the Dragon Lore series. When you started this series, did you already have a clear vision of the books and characters you wanted to write about? Or did that evolve over time?
I had a clear vision of the key plot lines for the series, of Kheladin waking in his cave and his bonded mage, Lachlan. I also envisioned Maggie, Lachlan's mate. (Read more about To Love a Highland Dragon, Dragon Lore #1). I knew the series would have three books and roughly what would be in each, but...
A Kiss of Lies
by Bronwen Evans | Interview

Q: A KISS OF LIES is the first in a new Regency series entitled Disgraced Lords. What's your inspiration for this series? What is this series about?
One night, I was catching up friends I went to university with for drinks, and I suddenly thought about the friendships forged through the education system. In the Regency era, I wondered if Lords sent away to school formed strong bonds. I'm sure they did, as it's only human. Six men sprang to mind--Christian,...
The Boys of Summer
by Sarah Madison | Interview

Q: What is your inspiration for this story?
First let me say how delighted I am to be here and what wonderful questions these are! You're really giving me a chance to tell you why I love this story so much and that's always fun for me!

It all started when I decided I wanted to write a story about two men of extremely different personalities...

Cast Off
by KC Burn | Interview

Q: CAST OFF is book 3 in the Toronto Tales series. What was the inspiration for this series? Please tell us more about it.
I usually envision scenes mid-book, and I have to figure out how to wrestle them into a story. For this series, I had two reference points. Although in the books neither ended up exactly as I envisioned, I saw a cop (Kurt) going to inform the family of another cop's death, and unexpectedly finding a...
From Ice Wagon to Club House: The Life of Jude Mooney
by Viola Russell | Interview

Q: What inspired you to write this book?
The Prohibition Era has always fascinated me. My father actually bootlegged in the 1930's. Like many people in New Orleans during that time, my father Sam and his family were dirt poor. His first wife died of tuberculosis during that time, and my dad decided his family wouldn't starve. He'd do what...
To Love a Highland Dragon
by Ann Gimpel | Interview

Q: TO LOVE A HIGHLAND DRAGON is the first in a new series entitled Dragon Lore. What's your inspiration for this series? What is this series about?
Where does anyone's inspiration come from? One summer day, I was sitting in my computer chair, staring at a blank screen, with a bunch of should running around in my head. I have a number of series books and all the series needed tending--and more books. What came to me was the first scene from TO LOVE...
Moonlight Mile
In a future where robotic vehicles control the roadways, the once common skill of driving is a thing of history. As a result the popularity of retro street racing -- vintage cars running on fossil fuels with humans at the wheel -- is the new rage. Street racing is loud, gritty, dangerous and real. The fans crave it. Sugar Evans loves to drive fast cars with powerful engines. It's her legacy. She's determined to win the race her father lost fifteen years ago in the Moonlight mile, the final and decisive mile of one of the toughest nighttime races on the circuit. To win, she has to beat top contender Callan MacQuaid. On the eve of the big race, Mac finally meets challenger Sugar Evans. She's beautiful and sexy hot, both on and off the course, but tonight Mac doesn't want to compete.
Scent Of The Jaguar
Adventure-filled, danger and romance mixed with a desperate fight to live and a killer in their midst. When a plane crash-lands in a remote area of the Amazon, a female archaeologist joins forces with a man she suspects is an artefact smuggler in order to survive. On route to her new dig, Bernadette Ashford's dream job morphs into a nightmare after a message warns her life is in danger. A last-minute decision catapults her onto the ill-fated plane and separates her from her beloved sister. Zane MacIntosh is on a mission - expose a major drug cartel and identify the man who murdered his mother. Nothing will divert him from his goal. Lost in the jungle together, they and other passengers are hunted by ruthless mercenaries who have no intention of allowing anyone to escape. In their desperate struggle to live, a new-found love blooms and a deadly secret is unearthed. But with a killer in their midst, will their love survive the heavy cost of freedom?
Bindarra Creek Makeover
Embarking on a risky plan to secure her daughter's safety she never dared dream, she'd find a place to call home - and love. When Tessa Gibson reluctantly embarks on an desperate plan to secure her daughter's safety, she never dared dream of falling in love – especially with a cop and a town that makes her feel like one of their own. The moment Constable Dylan (aka Dodge) Myers meets Tessa, more than his internal cop radar is activated. With his career on shaky grounds, he doesn't need additional complications in his life. But neither Tessa nor Dodge are a match for his grandmother and her CWA cronies and their own ideas on revitalising the struggling rural township of Bindarra Creek. And not even the monster from Tessa's past will stop them.
Free! Castaways
FREE for a few days only! CASTAWAYS, book #1 THE CHALLENGE (reverse harem) ABOUT. One girl. Five men. A deserted paradise island. What would you do? Olivia Bailey is up for The Challenge. Why the heck wouldn't she be? With mariner qualifications piled high, engineering experience to rival someone twice her age, she's ready to take on the mighty Pacific Ocean and win. But what about her fellow crew? Five guys, four nationalities. A billionaire's heir who likes to take charge in every aspect of life, an outback expert with a heart-stopping smile, a Spanish chef with mouthwatering moves and sexy twins who reveal themselves slowly, until it matters, then they act fast. An adventure was what Olivia wanted, it's certainly what she gets. Because things at sea happen in a heartbeat, friendships grow, tempers heat and desire flares. But what about when it all upends? When the unexpected happens? Will they pull together, or will fear drag the crew of Temptress apart?
Sizzling Hot Boxed Set, Love Me Hard, Out Now!
Romance Collections is proud to present these fifteen sexy and scintillating stories of passion, lust and desire. With each pulsating chapter, you will be pulled into these stories that will seduce you with every flip of the page. So, do not hold back. Do not set your eReader down. It's time to curl up and get lost as you read these tales of loving oh so hard.
I Get What I Want
Cocky Scotty Myles isn't looking for love. He's never been in a relationship before, and sure as hell isn't looking for one now. But when he brings his college crush into his life things suddenly change. Dixon's the perfect guy, looks and personality wise, but Scotty doesn't do romance. He's just not that type of guy even if the sex is beyond fantastic. After a second encounter that ends in an overnighter, both agree they want to see more of each other. When problems arise, Scotty is left wondering what went wrong. Not one to take being dumped, Scotty is used to getting what he wants and Dixon is no exception to his rule.
Chasing Shadows
Loving her may destroy him, but it's a risk he'll take. Only $0.99 for a limited time! Read Book 1 of the Psychic Justice series. Past and present collide in CHASING SHADOWS when psychic Juliana Westwood and detective Alex MacKenzie hunt the psychopath who kidnapped Alex's niece.
Neutral Shades
Forced to move and change schools just before his senior year, Greg Reese thinks his life is over until he meets handsome jock, Nick Anderson who is his dream guy in every way. Sparks fly between the two, but neither are out. When they're caught in a compromising situation, Greg quickly finds himself dumped. Moving on isn't easy, but starting a summer job helps keep a devastated Greg occupied, along with forming a friendship with humorous and cute co-worker, Chris. Chris is out and makes no bones about it. Greg has an instant attraction to Chris, and coming out now seems to be an option. After all, you can't hide forever, right?
The Artist's Touch
Two men haunted by more than the past. Painter Stefan Cobbe was homeless and debt-ridden after the death of his wealthy partner, but the worst loss of all was his artistic inspiration. After two years of nothing, he's offered patronage by an eccentric gallery owner and starts to produce again, canvas after canvas. The only problem? He can't remember painting any of them—not one single brushstroke. Luke Morganstern's reputation as an art-fraud investigator is in tatters. He can't afford to turn down any job, even a lousy one for an anonymous client who sends him after an unidentified forger in a remote cabin in Oregon. When the alleged forger turns out to be Stefan, the man he never stopped loving, Luke's professional ethics are stretched beyond the breaking point. As the two men take tentative steps toward reconciliation, evidence begins to mount that they're not alone in the woods. Someone—or something—is watching. Something with sinister plans for them both. To escape, Luke must overcome his suspicions and Stefan must trust Luke with his deepest fears. Otherwise they could forfeit their relationship, their sanity—and their lives.
Dead Camp 4
With the final book in the series arriving on the 23rd February, why not catch up with Dead Camp 4 as we plummet towards the End Game. Saying goodbye is too much for one heart to take. As Eli comes to terms with his true identity, he, Isaiah and Malachi must flee from France as Morbius closes the net around them. Yet saying goodbye to his home and the love that he must leave there forever proves to be more difficult than Eli could ever imagine. Now Eli has to face the tumultuous events that transpired in Victorian England, and Malachi must face a return trip to the place of his birth and his death. London is waiting for them, and as they grieve for the loss that fills their broken hearts, each has a story to face and a dilemma to confront that could change their lives forever. As London falls to Hitler's deadly bombs, each must be prepared to say their goodbyes, because the end game has begun.
The Mobster's Girl
When the going gets tough, Beth Rammada has no choice but to get the hell out of Chicago. Her family are sinking fast and she's at risk of being used as bait to hurt her father. But living on the streets of New York is no walk in the park, until that is, she's taken under the rather dubious wing of Roper Hermanus. He's rough and hard and likes it kinky, or so he says. But should she stick around and help her sexy new friend turn a few tricks? Or should she be running for the hills? As their journey reveals secrets, Beth falls for the man who's shown her a new side to her erotic self. It seems their demons are compatible; the underworld, extortion and blackmail is their currency. Until that is the biggest secret of all has to be announced to their families. Will Beth's life ever be the same again? Does she want it to be? And will her mobster lover be there when she needs him most?
A Flame Of Hope
This is the prequel for Jamie's Gift and tells the story of Rod, a firefighter at FDNY, and his son. All of us have experienced love a second time, something that is out there for all of those who have been left alone. Rod never planned on what happens for him in Jamie's Gift. Join my newsletter for a FREE copy of this book, as well as many other freebies. I also hope you take a chance on Jamie's Gift, my Jackson Hole love story.
Enslaving Dana - Final Part Of The Mission Pleasure Series, Available Now!
Enslaving Dana, the sizzling final book in the Mission Pleasure series, is available now! $2.99 on Amazon or FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Blurb: Final book in the sizzling Mission Pleasure series… After catching her cheating fiancé, Dana decides to change her life. She gives up her boring job as an accountant to pursue her dreams of opening a bakery. At night, she explores her submissive side online, afraid of attending any real gatherings. Finally plucking up the courage, she visits Decadence—a club where people can indulge their fantasies—and meets Bastien, a super-hot Dominant who offers her a taste of submission. Following one of the most intense encounters of her life, Dana decides to focus on her bakery. The only problem is she can't get the sexy Dominant out of her mind. Dominant and ex-marine, Sebastien Berkley, has a secret. He really likes to bake. Applying for a job at a newly opened bakery, Bastien never expects the owner—and his potential new boss— to be the curvy submissive he's been fantasizing about. Especially since she never returned to Decadence, despite his invitation. Neither can deny the intense attraction smouldering between them. Despite their professional relationship, and their bargain to keep things purely professional, Bastien cannot deny the driving need to enslave Dana, and he'll stop at nothing to make her his own. Inside Scoop: This book features a hero who knows what his submissive needs, whether it's being tied up or being taken in public with the assistance of two other hot marines.
Jamie's Gift
Jenna works at her book store/gift shop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to keep her mind off her divorce, when one day, her past walks through her door during a snow storm before Christmas. He was her high school crush, but not the part of her past she wanted to forget. When Rod asks her out for dinner and a beer, she accepts, more to find out why he might be interested in her after all these years. Rods returns home for Christmas each year, with his eight-year-old son, to help his mom through the holidays since his father died two years ago. He's a single father working as a firefighter at the NYFD. While searching for a special gift for his son, Jamie, he runs into a woman he didn't bother to get to know in high school even though his high school crush on her never faded. He wonders if it's possible to love a second time because he's not dated since his wife passed away about the same time his father did. Can these two help each other heal broken hearts? High school crushes don't last for years after graduation, do they? Get lost within the short story that reignites love during a Christmas holiday and beyond.
Arctic Spirit (arctic Ice #1) New Release
Charlotte Austen has been in love with her two best friends, Chris and Drew Malcom, since high school, but choosing between them was never an option. The day she said goodbye to them was a painful one, especially since she thought she would never see them again. Ten years and one visit later changes everything. Alaskan tiger shifters, Chris and Drew, have never gotten over Charlotte. The fact that they were both in love with her was never the problem … being destined for a mate, however, was. They reach out to her, hoping to find a way to resume their friendship. The three of them get an unsuspected surprise when they see each other again. The trio's happy discovery does not come without a price. Jealousy and prejudice threaten to destroy the budding romance. Will Chris and Drew be able to stop the threat before they lose the love of their lives forever?
Pairing Off/red Hot Russians 1
$1.99 through 2/27! American figure skater Carrie Parker's Winter Games dreams were dashed when her philandering partner caused one of the greatest scandals in skating history. Blacklisted from competing in the United States, her career is over…until she receives a mysterious invitation and is paired with the most infuriating, talented—and handsome—skater she's ever met. Russian champion Anton Belikov knows sacrifice. He gave up a normal life and any hope of a meaningful relationship to pursue his dream. And he's come close—with a silver medal already under his belt, the next stop is the gold. All he needs is a partner. While he's never forgotten the young American skater he seduced one long-ago night in Amsterdam, he never expected to be confronted with their past…never mind share the ice with her. When what starts as a publicity stunt grows into something real, Carrie and Anton's partnership will test their loyalties to family, country and each other. With only a few months to train for the competition of a lifetime, can they master technique and their emotions, or will they lose their footing and fall victim to the heartaches of their pasts?
Before Love Had A Name: Book 1
A romantic entanglement is the last thing Nina wants after she's acquitted of murdering her abusive husband. Anxious to heal her broken spirit, she flees south where she meets Lee and his daughter, Robbie. Tasked with raising his daughter alone after her mother takes off, Lee also struggles to keep his small beachside cottages solvent. Nina helps and soon becomes a treasured helpmate to him and a surrogate mother to Robbie—at least until the little girl's wayward mom shows up.
His Defender
Grant Winston is having a bad night. His new girlfriend is trying to draw him to the dark side, a woman of the night gives him a nasty bite and a sword wielding beauty in a Goth outfit claims she's his defender. Arista has her orders and an uncooperative human will not dissuade her from her sacred duty. Naive as he is handsome, Grant is in big trouble. He has something an old and powerful demon wants and he doesn't understand Arista is all that stands between him and hell.
Deep Blue Pre-order
In the deep blue ocean lives an ancient predator… When a photo of Dr. Grace Mann freediving with a great white shark goes viral, the institute where she works seeks to capitalize on her new-found fame by producing a documentary about her work. Underwater filmmaker Alec Galloway admires Dr. Mann and jumps at the opportunity to create a film showcasing the pretty biologist. But can he keep her safe when her passionate focus on the sharks repeatedly leads her into danger?
What Happens Next? Book 2 On Preorder
DEFIANCE, Book 2 of The Montbryce Legacy Anniversary Edition is now available for preorders at 99 cents. #kindle #iBooks #nook #kobo
In His Keeping: Taken
Out of work and on the verge of being homeless, Sylvie Jenkins takes a job with best selling author, billionaire entrepreneur Connor Hudson. He's a drop-dead, gorgeous hunk, but he's also surly, dominating, and demanding. He's accustomed to being obeyed and kowtowed to, but Sylvie refuses to do either. Connor is determined to have her…and her obedience and submission as well. Sylvie succumbs to his charms, but Connor can't love her. He's keeping secrets. The cops think he's a serial killer. His ex girlfriends keep turning up dead! Is this strict, sexy alpha male capable of murder?
Kindle Countdown Sale For Noel's Hart!
.99c Sale for Noel's Hart until 02/15! Grab this fun Valentine's Day story now! Noel Kiss is a successful businessman, but adrift in his personal life. After he reconnects with his twin sister, Noel realizes he's bored, lonely, and searching for a change. That change might be waiting for him in Snowberry, Minnesota. Savannah Hart is known in Snowberry as ‘the smile maker'. She has poured blood, sweat, and tears into her flower emporium and loves spreading cheer throughout the community. She uses those colorful petals to hide her secrets from the people of Snowberry, but there's one man who can see right through them. On December twenty-fourth, life changes for both Noel and Savannah. He finds a reason for change, and she finds the answer to a prayer. Desperate for relief, Savannah accepts Noel's crazy proposal, telling herself it will be easy to say goodbye when the time comes, but she's fooling no one. Noel has until Valentine's Day to convince Savannah his arms are the shelter she's been yearning for. If he can't, the only thing he'll be holding on February 14th is a broken heart.
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