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Love at War
by Viola Russell | Interview

Q: LOVE AT WAR has such a unique premise. How did you come up with the idea?
I wrote LOVE AT WAR after my mother died. All of my uncles served in WWII, and I found letters her brothers wrote home. Her brother Russell was the most constant correspondent, and one letter to my grandparents made me cry: "We have everything packed and are ready to leave tomorrow. About noon time...
Back to You
by Natalie-Nicole Bates | Interview

Q: Where did you get the idea for BACK TO YOU?
I wanted to write a book about an idyllic little town with memorable characters. Unity is also the setting for my contemporary romance, Change of Address. I wanted to explore the possibility of a relationship happening after a long separation period. I also wanted to explore dating after a long-term...
by Sienna Matthews | Interview

Q: How does it feel to be a published author?
Fabulous! There's still a sense of disbelief when I see my book in "print".

Space In His Heart
by Roxanne St. Claire | Interview

Q: What made you decide to do a book about the US space program?
I live on the Space Coast of Florida, in the shadow of Kennedy Space Center. After watching my first shuttle launch -- standing in my backyard! -- I was a fan. When the astronauts would arrive and fly the T-38s overhead, I'd get chills just imagining how daring and sexy those guys could be...I couldn't...
Proof of Love
by Arabella Stokes | Interview

Q: Why did you choose the Georgian period of English history for your setting instead of the more traditional Regency period?
My hero really started it all. I had just watched The Duchess, with Keira Knightley, when I ran across an article about one of her in-laws, the scientist Henry Cavendish. Henry was an odd little fellow, but I started thinking about how many gentlemen and peers of the Georgian era were involved in scientific...
Strings Attached
by Anne Holly | Interview

Q: Where did you get the idea for STRINGS ATTACHED?
I wrote the original draft of Strings Attached back in 2000 or 2001, I think, so it's difficult to remember what all went into it. I do know that certain elements involving Katie's death were inspired by real life events in the news at the time, though not exactly. I was also passionate about animal...
Eulogy's Secret
by Grace Elliot | Interview

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for EULOGY'S SECRET?
The idea for Eulogy's Secret came from a poster on the London Underground.

I was taking my sons to the theatre when through the dirty glass I glimpsed a poster for a memorial concert at the Royal Albert Hall. One word on that poster stuck in my mind - "eulogy".

It struck me that eulogy would...

by Kinley Baker | Interview

Q: What was your inspiration for writing RUINED?
I wrote RUINED because I wanted to create a mystical realm full of magic and shadows. I envisioned a picture of an enchanting castle with a beautiful and sacred power source hidden in its depths. Romancing the mystery of shadows became a little bit of an obsession, which is where the idea of shifting...
Tides of Passion
by Tracy Sumner | Interview

Q: What inspired you to write TIDES OF PASSION?
Well, I was very inspired to write TIDES OF LOVE. It's a bit of an unusual romance -- about a marine biologist in 1898. I based the locale on Beaufort, NC (Outer Banks) and the second marine biology lab, after Woods Hole, built in the US. I have a thing for sexy, nerdy heros. Anyway, once I started...
Always Her Cowboy
by Karen Rose Smith | Interview

Q: ALWAYS HER COWBOY was set on a ranch in Wyoming. This is much different than the L.A. setting of other books in the Search for Love Series. What was your motivation behind the change in scenery?
When I planned the Search For Love series with both revised and updated titles as well as new books, I decided to try to please a variety of readers. Each is a different type of romance. Many of my readers like "cowboy" books. I am always challenged to find a new twist to life on a ranch. I truly love...
The Chameleon Goggles
by Maureen O. Betita | Interview

Q: The world you've created in the Kraken's Caribbean in amazing. Please tell us more about this fantastic world you've created.
Well, this isn't your everyday Tortuga! My island sits at a crossroads for alternate worlds and times. Anyone might drop in. The only thing keeping the world from being overrun is the Great Albino Kraken and the magic workers. They work together to make certain no weapons of mass destruction come through,...
Destiny Redeemed
by Gabrielle Bisset | Interview

Q: The world of the Aeverens is extremely unique. Please give us some more information about these interesting people.
Aeveren are descended from humans and their physiology is exactly like humans. Long ago, the Archangel Raziel saw people who practiced alchemy and mysticism and were persecuted for the very arts he represented. Full of sympathy for them, he rescued them from the attacks and bestowed upon them gifts...
Nathan's Vow
by Karen Rose Smith | Interview

Q: NATHAN'S VOW is a unique story about a man, Nathan, who turns to a psychic, Gillian, to help him find his missing daughters and they end up falling in love. I thought that it was a very unique storyline. How did you come up with the idea?
Life energy fascinates me. Energy surrounds us all the time. For years, because of physical problems, I've turned to acupuncture, cranial-sacral work and guided imagery. I know first-hand the healing power of all of those therapies based on and managing life energy. I've also learned about the mind-body...
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Entangled Minds
Strange, realistic visions and dreams invade Rebecca Brennan's mind. When she experiences someone's pain, she's determined to find out who shares her mind. Her search leads to a small town filled with Victorian homes and interesting people and puts her life in danger.
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Elusive Mission
Imagine being threatened and forced to give up custody of your child. That's exactly what happened to Vanessa Gleason. A fairy tale marriage turned into a nightmare, Now, alone in the world, Vanessa vows to fight her wealthy ex husband for custody of her daughter. Was it fate that brought her to the little church on Christmas Eve?
Deadbeat Dads
After her husband leaves her for a younger woman, Erica Morris starts a group for ex wives of deadbeat dads. Little did she know just how many there were. In the process of rebuilding her life, someone tries to blackmail her. Can she put the past behind her or will it catch up to her?
Another Gift To Remember (memorable Gifts, 2)
Thomas Barrett has it all. He's part owner of a marketing firm with his best friend of twenty years, Andy. In addition to having a successful career, Thomas enjoys the love of two beautiful women: his wife, Lynn, and his assistant, Carol. He couldn't be happier with life. Tasked with finding a gift idea for Andy's fortieth birthday, Thomas comes up with a perfect one. Not only will it please Andy, but Thomas is certain his idea will provide great pleasure for Lynn and Carol. Thomas wants his favorite naughty women to bring Andy into their love nest. But will Lynn and Carol be willing to have sex with Thomas's best friend? Better yet, can Andy maintain a working and sexual relationship with them?
Meant To Be (an Anchor Island Novel)
ON SALE NOW! Sometimes the next best thing is what you've been looking for all along… Beth Chandler has spent her whole life pleasing others. She went to law school to make her grandparents happy. She agreed to marry her workaholic boyfriend, Lucas, to make him happy. And, despite her fear of boats, she took a ferry to see Lucas's parents just to make them happy. While suffering through a panic attack on the ferry, Beth meets a tall, sexy stranger who talks her down from her fear—and makes her heart flutter in the process. Soon, she has a new reason to panic: her gorgeous, blue-eyed rescuer is Lucas's brother, Joe. But could she ever leave her fiancé for his own brother…even if Lucas is more focused on making partner than on making their relationship work…and even if Joe turns out to be everything she never knew she wanted? Filled with excitement and delight, Meant to Be is the story of a young woman torn between urban pressures and small-town pleasures.
Misfortune Of Vision
~ Prophecy can be dangerous ~ In 12th century Ireland, Orlagh has been Seer to her king for forty years. He doesn't want to hear her prophecies of war and destruction, and dismisses her efforts to warn him. Therefore, she is determined to fulfill her own quest: to find a worthy heir for her magical brooch. In the course of events, she must pass judgment on a thief, escape a Norman war camp, and battle wits with a Fae lord. She receives some prophecy of her own and enlists the help of a grizzled old warrior, who happens to be a long–time friend.
Tempting Jane — The Rochester Sisterhood
Is It Combustible Heat Or Something More? When the perfect staffing storm hits Jane Rochester's temp agency, she winds up being Lincoln Chandler's assistant for a week. Jane doesn't do office romance, and her last relationship was one-sided. But one hot kiss from Lincoln changes everything. Now she has to decide if it's love at first sight or just a fiery physical attraction. Lincoln Chandler's been focused on building his real estate development firm into a Fortune 500 company. He wasn't looking for a relationship—particularly when his last girlfriend married Lincoln's biggest competitor and took proprietary information with her in the bargain. But Jane Rochester is an undeniable force of nature, and the heat between them might be more than just a few hot nights in the bedroom. READ FIRST THREE CHAPTERS — BUY — FOR TEMPTING JANE ———————๑✿๑——————— "...turns this office romance into something interesting and adds a terrific twist." — Night Owls Reviews ———————๑✿๑——————— PRAISE FOR MONICA BURNS ———————๑✿๑——————— "Delectably sensual…intensely emotional." — Lucy Monroe, USA Today bestselling author "…The sex scenes are scorching, but the love between her hero and heroine is better." — RTBOOKReviews "Ms. Burns is masterful at escalating the sexual tension..." — Coffetime Romance
A Gift To Remember (memorable Gifts, 1)
One man. Two women. A birthday surprise he will never forget... Carol has spent the last five years working as an assistant for her boss, Thomas Barrett. She enjoys her job, and is a good friend to his wife, Lynn. Every year Lynn asks Carol for assistance in obtaining a gift for Thomas's birthday. With his big fortieth arriving in a week, Carol expects she'll need to snoop around the office for Lynn. To Carol's surprise, Lynn already has an idea for Thomas's present, and it's one he will never forget. Lynn invites Carol to join her and Thomas in a menage a trois. Although shocked, Carol considers such a rare opportunity to broaden her sexuality. But if she joins her boss and his wife in the bedroom, will Carol be able to continue a relationship with them? Moreover, can she keep her job working for Thomas?
Meet Carter Jones. The Youngest Jones Boy. The Newest Member Of The Memphis Soul.
After signing a contract with his hometown team that made him football's highest paid wide receiver, Carter thought life couldn't get any sweeter. But he's dropping passes in games and hearing the boos from the fans. Worse, his oldest brother/roommate keeps butting into his business. He needs a new place to stay. Today. When he drives by an open house, he thinks his luck is changing. When he meets the beautiful real estate agent, he knows things are looking up—even if she wants nothing to do with him.
Rising Star (a Shooting Stars Novel)
Can love survive the bright lights of fame? A popular DJ at the hottest station in Nashville, Charley Layton is doing what she's always wanted to do: living in the heart of country music. Charley puts her career first and relationships second, but when a charismatic stranger in a black cowboy hat invites her back to his place, she decides to give herself one night of no-strings fun. But Dylan Monroe isn't a no-strings kind of guy. Charley is beautiful, brainy, and brassy as hell—the kind of girl he's always wanted. When his record label books him an interview on Charley's show, he's determined to find out why he woke up alone, and when he can see her again. With Dylan now the most eligible bachelor in country music, Charley doubts their fling stands a chance, but she's willing to try. Dylan dreams of fame, but he also craves a life offstage with Charley. Can he convince her that both of their dreams are worth chasing, and that love is still possible, even in the spotlight?
The Darkling Hunters
NEW Paranormal MMF Romance Series from author Rhiannon Ayers For darkling hunters Dex Peterson and Sam Spencer, danger is just the name of the game. But when their new assignment lands them smack in the middle of a darkling turf war, they'll have to put everything on the line to save their souls---and the woman they both love.
Wrecked (a Novella)
Lexi Hanson has landed a dream opportunity that will be the highlight of her resume going forward--if she can turn Hudson Sutherland's dream of a luxury hotel in downtown Nashville into a reality. Something she's never done before. Adam Logan has found the perfect opportunity to take revenge on the man who left his mother high and dry to raise a bastard child on her own--if he can manipulate the beautiful woman leading the project. Something he's more than willing to do. Money, power, and ulterior motives bring them together, but when the line between business and pleasure is crossed, betrayal will tear them apart. Adam must choose between revenge and redemption, and Lexi must decide if she can ever trust a man who would so easily break her heart.
Drinking Partners
Drinking Partners (Vampire Territory, Book 1) is available at Kobo, iTunes, B&N, Amazon, and other sellers. Being the master vampire for the Mid-Atlantic Territory is a tough job. Between the Human Rebellion trying to kill him with poisonous suicide donors and snobby born vampires bucking his authority, Lucas Thane has his hands full. What he needs is a regular drinking partner to feed from and a bigger power block. He finds both in the form of Alexandra Gage, the master of the territory south of his. Alex could use a little help herself, but she has no intention of letting Lucas take over. Turned into a vampire against her will, she has had enough control taken from her. She'll never let Lucas usurp her right to rule, but will she let him steal her heart? Passion ignites between them, and it's amazing what vampire bodies can do.
Two Days Until Midnight
99 cents! Two Days Until Midnight, a novella from the At Midnight anthology, is on sale now for 99 cents. A bird-shifter. A reclusive billionaire. A project that brings them together. A deadly curse that threatens to separate them forever.
Billionaire Playboy I (the Billionaire Playboy Trilogy)
Xavier Fernando "I never thought it possible to feel an attraction for anyone." I'm an artist and I have a new contract with The Golden Gallery. I've got best friends who get me and my jokes and a family who supports and loves me. What more could I possibly want or need? I have it all except, I just don't know what it means to be in love. I've never experienced it nor been attracted to anyone in my life. I don't think it's a bad thing and despite the fact that most people prefer to slot me into the ace spectrum, I don't necessarily see myself in that category. I am happy the way I am, content even or at least, I tell myself that, shoving away the idea that there's something wrong with me. Andre Tomasine "I never thought I'd ever be attracted to a man." You probably know me as the Billionaire Playboy. I come from generations of old money and started my first business venture at age nineteen. The Golden Gallery was my baby and I watched it grow into a huge success all over the world. The first time I set eyes on Xavier Fernando, my world was rocked and turned upside down. I couldn't get him out of my mind and I tried to write it off as being impressed by his genius skills as an artist. It worked too until we bumped into each other again, literally, and the same heady feeling came over me. In an attempt to understand why I was feeling this way, I decided to get closer to Xavier, and to know the man behind the art.
New Release! Deadly Deception (rogue Security)
What horrible family secret is hidden by DEADLY DECEPTION? Can Sean and Jessie survive to get their second chance at love?
Forbidden Love In An Untamed Land
"Even if historical isn't typically your cuppa give this a try. I promise you won't regret it. 5+ stars!" ~ Gay Book Reviews Two men exiled to an untamed land must capture love. Ever since Cambridge-bound Colin Lancaster spied on stable master Patrick Callahan mastering another man, he's longed for Patrick to do the same to him. When Patrick is caught with his pants down and threatened with death for his crime, Colin speaks up in his defense and confesses his own sinful nature. They're soon banished to the faraway prison colony of Australia. Patrick never asked for Colin's help, and now he's stuck with the pampered fool. While it's true that being transported to Australia is a far cry from the luxury Colin is accustomed to, he's determined to make the best of it and prove himself. Patrick learned long ago that love is a fairy tale, but he's inexorably drawn to sweet, optimistic Colin despite himself. From the miserable depths of a prison ship to the vast, untamed Australian outback, Colin and Patrick must rely on each other. Danger lurks everywhere, and when they unexpectedly get the chance to escape to a new life as cowboys, they'll need each other more than ever. This historical gay romance from Keira Andrews features an age difference, an eager virgin, hurt/comfort, and of course a happy ending.
Where There's Smoke
Santiago Mendoza Chicago nearly destroyed me, but moving to Cobalt, I found everything I needed to put my life back together. Or…almost everything. I have an amazing man, a job I love, and a budding career as an author. Why does it feel like something is missing? Jonas Sandbauck Being a gay firefighter in a small town like Cobalt is tough, but the day I met Santiago in a coffee shop, all the struggles in the world wouldn't keep me from his side. I'm ready to give him everything, including a white picket fence home filled with all the strange antiques he could ever want. But first I have to clear the path to our future, by digging through the wreckage of his past. Myles Greyson I'm no stranger to heartbreak, but I'm a man who knows how to get what he wants. Chaos in my life stole the man I love. Between my Fortune 500 company, my mother's failing health, and my sister abandoning her daughter for drugs, I barely have time to breathe. But I rise above it all to give my niece the family she deserves. Which means getting my man back, no matter what—or who—tries to stand in my way. Three men. Three different lives. And a chance at love just out of reach. TRIGGER WARNING: Flashbacks and mentions of rape. On page violence.
Now Only .99 Cents - Ten Seconds Of Crazy!
When a handsome stranger asks you to run away with him, your sane, rational answer should come easy: "No. Absolutely not." Which is exactly what I said to Reid Carson. I swear. Yet somehow I still found myself in his shiny red convertible driving eighty miles an hour down the interstate. I already knew there were right turns and wrong turns in life, despite having no clue where my own life was headed. But the one thing I learned from Reid Carson - sometimes you just need to choose ‘crazy.' So that's exactly what I did.
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