The Earl and The Enchantress
by Paullett Golden | Interview

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for THE EARL AND THE ENCHANTRESS?

When I craft a story, I'm inspired by a combination of factors, ranging from the setting to the research. This story was character-driven from start to finish. Lizbeth and Sebastian needed a story, so I let them tell it. I was surprised along the way with decisions they made and twists in the story that I didn't see coming, which might seem a bit odd when I was the one writing the story! When working with characters who have their own personalities and motivations, the writer isn't...

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The Highland Renegade
by Amy Jarecki | Interview


A Good Man (handymen Series Book 1)
Not only is Michael a star on a successful home improvement show, he's also seen as a local hero. But no one knows about the demons he carries inside him ever since the day he risked his life to save others. All the accolades and honors only make the memories stronger and the pain unbearable. He would do anything to be able to forget, to put his past behind him and move on. Michael takes on a new home improvement project, convinced it's the perfect distraction. Little did he know that Emily, the woman who's supposed to be nothing more than a client, would turn out to be a huge distraction…and engaged. While Emily battles with her own personal problems, Michael is determined to keep his distance. The last thing he needs is woman trouble. But when it becomes clear that the attraction is mutual, he realizes staying away from her is not an option. Now Michael needs to decide if he's willing to risk exposing his weakness, and his heart…by giving in to temptation.
With Good Behavior
Former Navy lieutenant meets former psychologist on their parole officer's doorstep. Only $.99.
The Broken Road
The Broken Road is free Jan. 16th through Jan. 20th! Kristine's running from a lot of things. Thankfully, she has a plan. She's moving to D.C., issuing a moratorium on dating, and burying herself in work. Enter… Air Force Captain Kadyn Rand. Kadyn derails Kri's plan with hurricane force. He's determined to win her heart but soon learns it will take much more than that to save her from her past.
Six Months
For twenty years, Mikala Jacobson had it all: loyal friends, a precious little girl, and a man who adores her. Then double tragedy strikes and her perfect world shatters. Good friends, Rena and Jake are instantly by her side, protecting her from her husband David's sordid secret life and his final drunken confession. With their help, Mikala finds strength to rebuild and redefine her life. As her spirit and heart heal, she not only finds closure, but the beauty of a new love built upon an old friendship.

Whiskey and Moonshine

In WHISKEY AND MOONSHINE, we meet Colt and Mal in a serious case of opposites attract. Colt has been living on the streets since he was fifteen, after coming out to his parents. After leaving Toledo in a hurry, he ends up in the Smoky Mountains, where...

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Kinky geeks unite! I loved this story because I wanted to be Arden... well, not the downtrodden Arden who is barely making ends meet. The Arden who meets four sexy men who are also in her line of business. I sucked this story down with a smile on my face...

Succubus Heart
| Erotic Romance

SUCCUBUS HEART is the second book in the Succubus Sirens series. Although I have not read book one, I do not feel this had a negative impact at all on my enjoyment of this book. We meet with Alana, a Nerilan princess who has voluntarily exiled herself...

Wicked Deception
| Erotic Romance

Elizabeth isn't made for domestic activities. Far suited to have long discourses on the relative merits of Darwin than managing to complete a needlepoint, she's sold into marriage to a handsome earl. However, marital bliss is not in the cards for her...

| Contemporary Romance

Kyler is convinced his ex-girlfriend is ready and waiting for him now that he's gotten his life together. He's thought of nothing but her for the last 8 years, and as a fan of rom-com big gestures, he loads up the boom box and serenades her...or, more...

Shards of Blood and Shadow
| Paranormal Romance

SHARDS OF BLOOD AND SHADOW is the first book in The Lost Shards series. We meet with Cleo, a psychic who seemed to inherit her powers--and the colour of one eye--when her mother died. She is approaching her birthday, and the prophecy she had grown up...

Edge of Eon
| Fantasy Romance

Anna Hackett does write fun things; Eon Warriors is her latest series and comes off as a mash-up of her Galactic Gladiators series with the ever-popular apocalyptic Hell Squad one as future earth women--when humans finally come of age to travel and explore...

Finding Lord Farlisle
| Historical Romance

Lady Alexandra Torrence has always been considered a bit odd. Her current passion is writing articles about her investigations into psychic phenomena. She has heard rumors of ghostly lights in Waithe Hall, the estate next to hers, and she intends to see...

A Rose for a Rogue
| Historical Romance

Miss Eden Haverden has done some foolish things in her short time on this earth. But none so foolish as accepting Manchester's, Marquis of Sterling, invitation (no, insistence) to stay the night without a proper chaperone. Completely scandalized and with...

Like the Seasons

Boss and subordinate stories are hot for a reason. Their illicit nature is defined by their inherit power exchange. In most cases, it is the Boss who is the one in charge. In the continuation of Boyd and Caleb's romance, this holds true... in the bedroom....

Catch Me
| Erotic Romance

Alianne Donnelly's CATCH ME is a new take on a fairytale, after the fact. In this case, the kingdom of Snow White is run more like a corporation with all the trappings of technology mixed with a bit of magic; and instead of the seven dwarves, we have...

Heart's Inferno
| Paranormal Romance

He shares the responsibility of protecting others from the supernatural dangers that surround them. It is a punishment he feels he earned for failing to keep others from their deaths. His beauty attracts women everywhere but he feels nothing for those...

The Savior
| Contemporary Romance

Cristin Harber's larger-than-life military/terrorism conspiracy plots often skirt closer to the edge of the unbelievable than many of the books I've gone through but then again, that's part of the basis of the romantic suspense genre: the homing in on...

Knights of Stone: Gavin (a shifter rockstar romance)
| Contemporary Romance

KNIGHTS OF STONE: GAVIN is the seventh book in Lisa Carlisle's Highland Gargoyles series, and features the playboy of the group. Everyone else has settled down with their mates, whilst Gavin still plays the field. That is until they play a gig in Inverness,...

| Contemporary Romance

This was an interesting book, with characters that develop throughout the pages. Its short length however made it a little bit difficult to follow the bigger picture. We have a witch still discovering her powers, a fight for control and lies threatening...

Raise Your Game: A Feel-Good Stand-Alone Romance
| Contemporary Romance

RULE #1: Never apply for a promotion while drunk. "Four margaritas and two Sandra Bullock movies down, and Jen and I are sloshed." RULE #2: Never spill your margarita on your laptop and accidentally hit send on an email telling your boss to shove...

Noble Hops

NOBLE HOPS is the third instalment of Cam and Nic, and we spend this book focusing on Nic's problems, and also finding out more about Vaughan, and who his moles are. Cam and Nic are so good, even when they're not together, they are still working for...

Building Forever

Strong emotions, family and love are the heart of BUILDING FOREVER, a beautiful and bittersweet romance that is full of love and hope. Charlie is a writer raising his teenage daughter by himself, after his wife's death. His crush on his new neighbor,...

Indifference of Heaven

When it comes to tangled connections, Ms. Dalton excels with her various permutations. In this latest one, it is a titillating boss-to-employee relations that go beyond professional. Since this is a Ms. Dalton erotica, she adds her kinky twist which is...

Mine to Bear
| Erotic Romance

A wonderful short story, MINE TO BEAR has a heartfelt storyline and fabulous characters. Neo and Jolie are from two different worlds but when fate brings them together the past will be revealed. I enjoyed this story and would recommend it for a quick...

Theirs To Master
| Erotic Romance

If you've been following BJ Wane's Miami Masters series, then you'll be pleased to see that the Carlson brothers get their happily ever after in THEIRS TO MASTER. Paige Wilcox works hard. Working for herself by day, she also works as a bartender at...

Single White Incubus

Mate-matching service Supernatural Selection guarantees marriage to a perfect partner. Nothing can go wrong...until something did. Ted is waiting for his new beaver shifter husband to arrive. Quentin found his perfect match in the form of a vampire. But...

Rough Terrain (Out of Uniform, #7)

ROUGH TERRAIN is the seventh book in the Out of Uniform series, and this time we meet up with Renzo (Rooster) Bianchi and part-time barista, Canaan. Canaan has been watching Renzo come into the shop for the past few months and has admired him from afar....

For the Roses
| Erotic Romance

Not all doms are made equal. And not all men who call themselves doms should be one. This story hit me in the gut from the beginning. Meri is not just down on her luck. She's been kicked whilst she's down. I reckon if she wasn't as loved by her brother,...

Southernmost Murder

We get Aubrey's story! We meet Aubrey in the Snow & Winter series. Aubrey is a great friend to Sebastian and is located in the sunny location of Florida, providing a nice backdrop to a well-told and hilarious murder mystery. Aubrey is the property...

Judgment of the Moon and Stars

The title is fitting as this is a judgmental book where two men collide only to be torn apart. Not sure how many times Ms. Dalton will continue to pound through about conservative Christians giving gay men a hard time. But they do say, write what you...

A Spanktacular Fourth
| Erotic Romance

When it comes to Independence day, the kinky group sometimes takes it to an extreme. I've personally been interested in fire floggers but to have fireworks mixed in? That is a bit extreme for me. This does stop the dynamic trouble duo... Max and Sean....

Claiming Mia
| Erotic Romance

Mia Reynolds has just signed her divorce decree. As a newly single woman, she wants to do what every woman wants to do after divorcing your cheating ex; curl up in your PJs and hide out from the world. She's sworn off men. If only Chief Nolan MacGregor...

Gift-Wrapped in a Kilt
| Erotic Romance

GIFT-WRAPPED IN A KILT (Hot Scots #4) by Anna Durand is a sexy contemporary romance set around the Christmas holiday in the Scottish Highlands. This addition to the series can be read as a standalone as the author does explain family relationships from...

Chasing Butterflies
| Erotic Romance

CHASING BUTTERFLIES is the first novella in the Bad Girls series. In it, we meet Sawyer. She left her home town with her big sister and never looked back. Now, due to the death of her sister, she returns there, needing a fresh start. Her first night in...

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Kelley Heckart

I write Celtic historical romances with fantasy elements. My stories reflect my passion for history, storytelling and the supernatural. Inspired by the ancient Celts, my tales are filled with fierce warriors, bold women, magic, conflict and romance. I...

Elodie Parkes
United Kingdom

I'm a writer who is in love with happy endings, currently based in southern UK. I write for Evernight Publishing, Siren, Hot Ink Press, Encompass Ink, and eXtasy Books. I love music, art, flowers, trees, the ocean. I work with antiques by day and words...

Charlotte Howard
Somerset, UK

"My career as a writer started when I was young, writing poetry and flash fiction for my friends and family. After a few minor successes of having pieces published in anthologies, and later on-line, I decided to have a go at writing a full-length novel....

Jan Scarbrough
Kentucky, USA

Whether it is the Bluegrass of Kentucky, the mountains of Montana, or Medieval England, Jan Scarbrough brings you home with romances from the heart. The author of two popular Bluegrass series, Jan writes heartwarming contemporary romances about home...

Rue Allyn
World traveler

Author of historical and contemporary romances, I fell in love with happily ever after the day I heard my first story. (Yes, I was a precocious little brat who read at the age of two, but I could hear much earlier than that.) I studied literature for...

Kate Hill

Always a fan of romance and the paranormal, Kate Hill started writing over twenty years ago for pleasure. Her first story, a short erotic vampire tale, was accepted for publication in 1996. Since then she has sold over one hundred short stories, novellas,...

Shana Rea

I love books


I've been conducting a love affair with books since the age of seven. I graduated to romance when I was eleven and it's been a blissful relationship to the present.

Knotty Reviewer

Hi everyone! I'm Knotty Girl Sandie and I'm a married, happy subbie. I'm also a huge book junkie. I've been reviewing books for quite a few years now, and last May of 2017 I started my own blog. I love erotica with a HEA, those alpha men are my...


Hi! I'm Dawn. :) I'm a 30 year old book devourer with a love of Double Stuff Oreos and the Sims! I have been a voracious reader ever since childhood. A speed reader, I usually finish a novel within 24 hours of starting. I have a wide variety of...

December 9 - 28
December 2018 Ezine




The Beast In A Suit-evernight Readers' Choice Winner 2018
Thank you to the awesome readers for choosing The Beast In a Suit (A Contemporary Tale #1) for Best Contemporary Romance. She's no damsel. He's no prince. Can their love be strength enough to save them both? Twenty years later, and the hole inside Emeline's soul has only gotten bigger, as she mourns the loss of her mother and brother and what could have been. A stranger comes along with changes to a career she loves, but will they be for the better—and will he end up changing her, too? Adam has been closed off to the world for nearly two decades, existing but not living. He doesn't even realize the shell of a man he's become until the woman he's slowly falling for makes him examine his own reflection. A modern twist on a classic tale filled with desire, passion, and one dangerous obsession.
Snowed In Together
What secrets are revealed when six teens get trapped at school on a Saturday? Wes and his best buds, Tony and Jeff, have enough brain power to fuel the entire sophomore class, but when it comes to their social lives, they are totally inept. So they volunteer to organize the art room on Saturday knowing three certain cheerleaders will be there for practice. Trouble is, none of the guys can come up with a plan to take advantage of the opportunity to be the only six students in the building. Then, thanks to a freak snowstorm, they're snowed in, which isn't so bad when the girls of their dreams are there, too. Maybe it could give Wes the chance to make his fantasies about Ellyce come true! However, the last thing Wes expects is to be caught in a game that forces everyone to share his deepest secret. He fears if Ellyce discovers his secrets, she'll never want anything to do with him.
Red Fox Woman (ashmore Brothers Book 1)
Finalist in the Best Book Awards and the International Book Awards for a western with mystery and romance. Now on sale for 99 cents! Rancher Flint Ashmore never expected to find a redware potter squatting on the property he purchased along Cherry Creek with his four brothers and sister. With a ruthless fiancé on her heels, Julia Gast has fled from Pennsylvania to the Colorado Territory to set up her pottery business and raise horses. She desperately needs not only the rich clay deposits of Cherry Creek, but also cash to survive. Against her better judgment, she aligns herself with a renegade Indian who helps her gather wild horses to sell to the same Army which is hunting him. But long-held secrets in the Ashmore family and Julia's past will set off a series of chain reactions, throwing Flint and Julia together to try to thwart mutual enemies who are attempting to destroy them. Will quick wits, a simple ring flask, and a meddlesome Indian be enough to help the pair discover the truth... and to ultimately find the peace and love they are seeking?
Devouring Flame
Reunited and reignited. While cutting through the Interstices—the post-creation gap between realms—Smith, half-demon tech specialist for Enchanted Occasions Event Planning, spies the person he yearns for daily but dreads seeing again: the ifrit, Hashim of the Windrider clan. On their one literally smoldering night together, Smith, stupidly besotted, revealed his true name—a demon's greatest vulnerability. When Hashim didn't return the favor, then split the next morning with no word? Message received, loud and clear: Thanks but no, thanks. Although Hashim had burned to return Smith's trust, it was impossible. The wizard who conjured him holds his true name in secret, and unless Hashim discovers it, he'll never be free. When their attraction sparks once more, the two unite to search for Hashim's hidden name—which would be a hell of a lot easier if they didn't have to contend with a convention full of food-crazed vampires on the one day out of the century they can consume something other than blood. But if they fail, Hashim will be doomed to eternal slavery, and their reignited love will collapse in the ashes. Luckily Smith is the guy who gets shit done. And Hashim is never afraid to heat things up.
Brand New Series! .99cents!!
Cainnech (Cain) MacPherson's hatred for the English was born when he was a lad of seven, the day they raided his village and killed his family. They took everything from him without mercy and tossed him onto the battlefield, where the memory of love faded to dust and left nothing in its wake but violence. Now, as Robert the Bruce's most formidable, most lethal warrior, he wreaks havoc on his enemy, taking land by force and without mercy. But when he raids a small castle in Northumberland, he faces his greatest opponent yet—a bold, beautiful Norman lass who will see him dead at any cost rather than give up her home…even if it means tearing open his armored heart and stirring the ashes that remain. Aleysia d'Argentan will do anything to keep the hated Scots out of her castle and away from her villagers. She has prepared for this day for the last four years, building traps in the forest, poisoning the grain, and hiding daggers wherever she could use them to kill her enemy. But she isn't prepared for the brawny, brooding Highland warlord who invades her life—and her heart. He is an infuriating, irresistible opponent with a curious touch, a smoldering kiss, and a reluctant smile that begins to shine on her alone.
Directions Of The Heart
Embark on a remarkable journey of drama, romance, and passion... In all of these amazing stories, there's one burning love worth the risk?
From Nurse To Mom
Could a temporary arrival… Lead to a forever mommy? In this Single Dad Docs story, Maple Island Clinic founder Dr. Cody Brennan is committed to protecting himself and his two little girls from any more heartbreak. But vibrant temp nurse Stacey Ryder challenges him and their emotional connection slips past his defenses. As Stacey's time at the clinic draws to an end, can Cody and his daughters convince her she's the one they've been waiting for?
Free Ebook, Becoming Gabriel Through 2/14/19
"Gabriel and Grace are a swoon-worthy romantic couple. Wow! I fell in love with him right along with Grace! When hard knocks hit, I agonized. I couldn't put this book down!" Celebrate Valentine's Day with this star-crossed contemporary romance. Free wherever ebooks are sold. Amazon will price match when you report it free elsewhere!
A Spirited Girl. A Reluctant Dom. Fated Mates.
Stubborn, prideful and self-disciplined, Chance Locklear believes his way is always right, and he doesn't like hiccups is in his strict routine so when the matriarch of his equine-shifter clan saddles him with a spoiled, twenty-one-year-old brat from out-of-town, he's none too pleased. While growing up as a member of a rogue-shifter clan, Lucy Tate didn't have the luxury of an easy or predictable life, but she's learned to live with her parent's self-centered behavior causing problems for her or leaving her in the lurch. When her step-father's latest hijinks force her to abandon her job as a blackjack dealer and skip town, she resents having to live with a stranger and work as a maid while hiding out. To make matters worse, she's been placed in the care of an arrogant but sexy game warden/werehorse who demands her respect. The first time Chance pulled her over his lap for a spanking, she was shocked and angry, but her body reacted to his touch in a completely different way. Just as the two begin to give into their shared attraction and admit they are fated mates, outside forces show up to pull them apart. Will destiny, love, and amazing sex be enough to save their relationship? Warning: Bridling Lucy is a smoking hot, stand-alone romance with graphic sexual language. If you are offended by corporal punishment/adult discipline or sizzling, put-you-in-the-moment love scenes, you might want to look for another book.
Us Reviews Of Books "recommended" Review Status
Women's fiction/ metaphysical novel recently given a "recommended" status by the US Reviews of Books! A couple torn by war, lost veterans, amnesia, Alzheimer's, manhunt, romance, feuding siblings, telekinesis powers: this book has it all!
Coming Undone: An Interracial M/f Romance
Caught up in a life built on secrets and blackmail, there isn't much McKenna Lacey can do to change her circumstances. She's been bought and paid for by a man who has no problem using her body for his own selfish needs. She bides her time, but doesn't trust when a way out comes from the most unlikely of places; the scarred stranger who breaks into her house. RJ has his own history with the man who owns McKenna. On the search for a missing woman, he thinks McKenna might be able to provide answers. It's a simple thing; lay out his case and give McKenna a chance to help him, and herself in the process. What isn't easy is knowing he can't have the broken woman, but wanting her anyway.
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