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Lex Valentine
Breathe Me In


Pink Petal Books
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April 2011
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Book 6.5 of Tales of the Darkworld Series

Life is good for vampire Wilson North. His family left him well off. His job as an estate attorney is prestigious, well paying, and non-demanding. He's gay and out and never had any issues being either. In fact, until the day he ended up beneath his car, bleeding out and only a few pints of blood from a sure trip to the Afterworld, life had never been a challenge.

When Will meets his destiny in the form of an enigmatic Magia named Garrick Forrester he finds the challenge of his life. Garrick's gay but doesn't live an openly gay life. Instead, he hides his nature behind his ownership of a BDSM club. The two men instantly know they are mates, but that doesn't smooth the path to their bonding. Garrick wants Will but threats from his past convince him that the only way to protect his lover is to leave him. Shocked by Garrick's ability to walk away, Will struggles to understand why his mate doesn't want him. For the first time in Will's life, something isn't easy and he must fight for what he needs or give up his chance for happiness.

Drawn together by destiny. Torn apart by self-doubts and fear. Two men on the cusp of a dream must set aside the lives they've always lived for a chance at a new and brilliant future.

Warning: This book contains virgin sex between a sexy self-sacrificing wizard who's never been catcher and an angelic-faced vampire who's never pitched, a BDSM bad guy with dark magic, a mysterious royal Acerbian, and a host of characters from previous Tales books who do everything from implode buildings to change diapers…all to help two reluctant heroes find true love.

BOOK INTERVIEW on April 2011
Lex, thanks so much for this chance to get to know your Tales of the Darkworld series better!

Q: BREATHE ME IN is book 6.5 of the Tales of the Darkworld series. For readers new to the series, please give us a short summary of what has happened in the series so far.

Each of the books thus far can stand alone. However, the series is much richer if you read them all. They are the stories of couples who are secretly helped along in their matings by three best friends, a vampire, a black dragon, and a Magia (the magical race.) Each couple is somehow related to these three men and eventually each of them is the focus of a book. I've done one of the three meddlers thus far. The other two come at the end of the series.

Set in the Darkworld, the stories focus on the friends and families of Marius Granville, a vampire who runs a cemetery, Alfred Stone, a Magia who is head of the Funeral Director's Guild, and Sean Antaeus, a black dragon who heads Antaeus International, a company that runs funeral homes, crematories, and cemeteries. The sex is hot. The pairings are not always what you'd think. And the relationships are twisted and deep.

Q: That's so fascinating. Where did the idea for the Tales of the Darkwood series come from?

They started as weird paranormal dreams in my early 20's. I had a lot of scribbles from back then about the "Dark Realms." Eventually when I decided to try to become published, the world I'd spent more than half my life creating in my head seemed like the perfect vehicle.

Q: What kind of research did you have to do to bring this series to life?

None really. I've worked in the death care industry for twelve years so I didn't need to learn about mausoleums, crypts, cemeteries and the business end of that industry. I see it every day. Other than that, I'd research small stuff like touristy places in Paris for Ride the Lightning and some BDSM research. But I have a friend in the lifestyle who helps me out with the BDSM stuff.

Q: Please tell us about BREATHE ME IN, and how does this novella fit into the series?

BREATHE ME IN was not planned like the other 10 books were/are. It came about because of a secondary character I wrote in Sunstroked (Book 6). Both of the heroes of Sunstroked had been with Wilson North, a vampire. It makes for a couple of sticky (no pun intended!) moments in the book, but Will shined as the former lover of both the heroes. He demanded his own book. And then it hit me who his mate was and I couldn't get started fast enough!

Q: I just love it when inspiration struck. Wilson North, former lover of Seth and Corey (from book 6), finally meets his match in Garrick Forrester. Why is Garrick perfect for him, when things didn't work out with his former lovers?

Garrick is a Dom but he has a lot of fears about who he really is. He's gay but he's not really out of the closet. He pays for sex or gets it at his BDSM club. He has family – a brother, parents – but he's very much a loner, isolated, and driven.

Will is his exact opposite. He's a sexual submissive (not trained though) and even though he has no family, he longs for one, longs to not be alone. He's got a great career but he's just drifting along in it with no real purpose. Garrick inspires Will to be more than he is and Will pushes Garrick to come out of the closet and be who he truly is. No partner had ever done that for either of these two heroes. They were meant to be together.

Q: How has Wilson's past shaped him to be the one that Garrick needed?

Will's purpose in life is to pull Garrick out of the shadows. Just as Garrick's purpose is to show Will that he's not driftwood on the tide. Both of them need the other to give their lives purpose and meaning. Being alone for much of his life taught Will how important a mate could be. Garrick doesn't think he needs a mate, but in Will's quest to fulfil his own dreams, he fulfils Garrick's secret ones too.

Q: Which of the two -- Wilson or Garrick -- was the more stubborn and difficult for you to write?

Oh, Garrick by far. He has some deep seated fears about himself and what he can offer someone. He's the type who will walk away from love in order to protect his lover. He's determined and it's tough to make someone like that see the light.

Q: Please give us a sneak peek into a romantic moment in Wilson's and Garrick's love story.

On the day they meet, Will takes Garrick home with him. Will's limping because he suffered an injury to his leg in a car accident that almost sent him to the Afterlife (killed him.) They have lunch and afterward, Will takes Garrick to his bedroom. The wizard heals Will's leg, something other Magia had been unable to do. Then Garrick proceeds to give Will a blow job. But it's the conversation between the two that is romantic. Learning each other, wanting their time together to be special. Garrick seeks to show Will that he should be cherished not used. And Will falls totally under the spell of the wizard.

Q: What is your favorite line of exchange between the two main leads in this novella?

My favourite lines in the book are in a scene between the two Forrester brothers, Garrick and Dave, but between Garrick and Will, the best part is when they meet in the mausoleum.

Here's the scene:

"Your name sounds familiar but if I'd met you before, I would have remembered," Will said in a low voice. "You're unbelievably hot."

Garrick smiled at his soon-to-be lover. "You look like a Botticelli angel," he replied, knowing that his words would give away the depth to which Will already affected him.

"Me?" Will's brows winged up in surprise.

"Yes, you." Garrick used the hand he still held to pull Will closer.

Q: In your website, you mentioned that Tales of the Darkworld will end at book 10. Do you foresee any spin offs or more stories for fans who couldn't get enough of the series?

I will probably do occasional holiday oriented stories using this series and characters. But no real spin offs other than the fact that the next series takes us back into the history of the Darkworld and the dragon clans including the Antaeus family. But many centuries in the past.

Q: What do we have next after BREATHE ME IN?

FIRE STORM is next. I return to my heroes Holden and Garret of Fire Season. In part, FIRE STORM is a continuation of their love story but it's also the love story of Ashworth Stone who should have been their mate. Unfortunately, she's betrayed by her brother Austin and dies. Their brother Alfred does the unthinkable and strikes some very risky bargains to bring her back in corporeal form for one year and one purpose. But unbeknownst to Al, Ash has plans of her own.

Q: What can fans expect from you in the coming months?

I will be at the Romantic Times convention in April so I invite fans to come and see me and get some Tales of the Darkworld trading cards and other goodies. I'll be doing Club RT and signing both e-books and print at the Expo and Book Fair.

As for writing, I'm working on a couple of novellas for Ellora's Cave. One is a sequel to ROCK MY WORLD featuring guitarist James Fox and the other book is about an artist and is slated for a new series. I also have the second of my Spellbound Treasures trilogy to write and of course, FIRE STORM. The other projects on my plate are two novellas for MLR Press about the relationships between Magia and their guardians.

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