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On sale! Only 99˘. A hunky alpha male, a spunky heroine, & a serial killer!

There are some things money can't buy--like happiness and happily-ever-afters.

Fun, Flirty & Sweet Romance with a Dash of Heat!

Medieval England comes alive in Book one of the exciting new sub-series, THE DARK SONS.

She will never submit to the man who killed her best matter what destiny says.

Molly fell for the opposite of Prince Charming. She should give it up, but oh, the temptation.

He's a sheriff. She's a librarian. They're both on the trail of a killer!

Fun, Flirty & Sweet Romance with a Dash of Heat!

Two brothers unknown to each other on a crash course with fate and two broken hearts.

Grab the bestselling dark romance Thalia Series in one boxset!

Filthy Gods by R. Scarlett (Romance - Top Pick)

Close Cover: A Masters and Mercenaries Novel by Lexi Blake (Erotic - Top Pick)

Insatiable by Michelle Hazen (Romance - Top Pick)

One More Round by Lauren Helms (Romance - Top Pick)

Wrapped Up in Stripes by Sarah Marsh (Erotic - Top Pick)

The Girl Who Knew Da Vinci by Belle Ami (Romance - Top Pick)

13 by Rhonda James (Romance - Top Pick)

Zoraida Grey and the Voodoo Queen by Sorchia DuBois (Romance - Top Pick)

Dangerously Dark by C.J. Burright (Romance - Top Pick)

On Point by Annabeth Albert (GLBT - Top Pick)

BLAZE (a gargoyle shifter rockstar romance) by Lisa Carlisle (Romance - Top Pick)

In an Army Ranger's Arms by Donna Michaels (Romance - Top Pick)

The Depth of Love by Serena Akeroyd (GLBT - Top Pick)

Ruthless by Tory Richards (Erotic - Top Pick)

One Baby Daddy by Meghan Quinn (Romance - Top Pick)

Tight Quarters by Annabeth Albert (GLBT - Top Pick)

Soulmate by Erin M. Leaf (GLBT - Top Pick)

Reviewer's Profile

Angeli (reviewer)

I am a 42 year old single mother. My daughter is in college and my son in Highschool. I work many hours a week in the medical field, but still find time to read 3-4 books a week. Thousands of Ebooks in my library on nook and kindl... click here to continue

Cleveland, OH

I have been a bookaholic my entire life and am excited that now I am finally chasing my dream of reviewing and sharing my love of romance books with others. Nothing makes me happier than reading, sharing great authors and writing ... click here to continue

Missouri, USA

I can't remember a time without reading. I look back and marvel at the huge stacks of books I would check out from the library. The advent of e-readers brought my reading addiction to a new heights. I look forward to shining the s... click here to continue

Christine Blackthorn (author, reviewer)

In "real" life, I am an academic with degrees in Political Science, Economics, Philosophy and Law and an insatiable desire to confound, baffle and disconcert my students. I love to read and write anything romance or erotica with a... click here to continue

Linda Hays-Gibbs (author, reviewer)

She was born in Mississippi and lives in Alabama. She went back to school, graduated with a BA in Anthropology from University of Alabama. Reading is like nectar from the Gods to Linda and writing is just plain fun. Her grea... click here to continue

Peyton (reviewer)
Atlanta, GA, USA

I am a 30 something married white collar career woman with the stereo typical 2 kids, a dog and the white picket fence. I enjoy reading as my hobby because I can drift away into someone else's world but if there is a mommy emergen... click here to continue

Leslie (reviewer)
Pacific Northwest

I am an avid fan of the written word. I love the flow and the infinate possibilities of putting words together to create a story. I cherish the rich imagination of the writers that do this so well. I am currently editing my own bo... click here to continue

Minnesota, USA

I love to read, and to share those stories with other readers! Books are friends that don't care if you're like me and read every day or if you only have a few minutes every now and then.

A well written book review... click here to continue

Tiffy (reviewer)
Northern VA

Reading romances is one of my favorite things to do. I'm in three book groups. One is a "classic" group reading authors works written prior to 1900, the other group reads mainly non-fiction about current topics of interest in th... click here to continue

Renee Rearden (author, reviewer)
Pacific Northwest

My day job: An Official Court Reporter. (Yes, I write on that little machine thingy!) Night job: Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy author. Can you tell I'm obsessed with the written word?

It all started with tho... click here to continue

The Philippines

I'm one tenth of a book blog named Musings of the Book-a-holic Fairies. Yeap! I'm the Fire Fairy! I'm from the Philippines and my love for books brought me here on this site... I hope to meet lots of new friends here!

Mia (reviewer)
New Mexico, USA

I am a graphic designer at a local newspaper and have always been a huge book worm. I enjoy reading any subject, but have always been passionate to romances. My kids think I am a super mom because I can read so fast. All I can tel... click here to continue

Rain Hart (reviewer)

I'm in love with romance books - historical, contemporary, suspense. Love the smutty stuff. The smuttier the better, actually. BDSM, m/m, dark... Paranormal works too, as long as there are shifters in the story. Not a great fan of... click here to continue

Krishna (reviewer)

I'm a simple girl from the Philippines who has a great love for reading. I'm 22 years old but I feel like I'm still 16. I'm young and naive sometimes but I'm working on the maturity thing.. I'm getting there!

Nadene R (reviewer)

My name is Nadene. I am an avid reader and have been reading since I was a child. I was introduced to the fantastic world of reading when I was gifted a copy of Wuthering Heights by a family friend. Since then there has ... click here to continue

Maria Rya (reviewer)

I'm a business student doing my bachelor degree. I have a younger brother and I am the only one in my fsmily obsessed with reading. There was a time when I didn't read anything, but Harry Potter changed it all:)) Made me realise ... click here to continue

Becky (reviewer)
Kentucky, USA

First and foremost, I am a wife, mother, and grandmother who home schools our special needs eleven-year-old. In addition to that I am an avid reader/reviewer, reading an average of 1000 pages daily. I also operate a book blog, Mom... click here to continue

SawyerBelle (author, reviewer)

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV to a large and loud family. I spent my childhood creating worlds in which my younger siblings and I would play. A love of stories grew into a love of words and I eventually earned BA degrees ... click here to continue

Danielle S. (reviewer)
Florida, USA

I am 29 years old and I'm a long time fan of romance novels. I enjoy paranormal, historical, time-travel and erotica the most but I will read almost anything romance related. I love to talk books and I am a firm believer in readin... click here to continue

Fic Central (reviewer)

I'm a book and design junkie who would be lost without a mile-long to-do list. Since my salary can't support the purchase of the couple hundred books I read each year, I found my way into reviewing, which has introduced me to so ... click here to continue

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The Lieutenants' Online Love by Caro Carson (Romance - Top Pick)

Mornings on Main by Jodi Thomas (Romance - Top Pick)

Another One by Aleatha Romig (Romance - Top Pick)

Wrapped Up in Stripes by Sarah Marsh (Erotic - Top Pick)

Embracing Her Heart - The Bradens and Montgomerys (Pleasant Hill - Oak Falls) by Melissa Foster (Romance - Top Pick)

BLAZE (a gargoyle shifter rockstar romance) by Lisa Carlisle (Romance - Top Pick)

Hiding by Jenny Morton Potts (Romance - Top Pick)

Untamed Hearts by Colleen O'Connell (Romance - Top Pick)

Cash Plays by Cordelia Kingsbridge (GLBT - Top Pick)