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A bundle of novels from eight bestselling authors. Welcome to ROMANCE EVER AFTER!

She's sworn revenge, he's bent on seduction. A witty, sexy read!

"Scottish romance readers will fall in love." --ELIZA KNIGHT, USA Today bestselling author

Vengeance and destruction are all he has left. An intense, psychological dark romance!

Fierce warriors. Savage barbarians. Powerful warlords. All ready to claim their mates.

Fall in love at Bayside, where sandy beaches, good friends, and true love come together.

She will never submit to the man who killed her best matter what destiny says.

Dirty Filthy Fix by Laurelin Paige (Erotic - Top Pick)

One To Grow On by Caitlyn Willows (Erotic - Top Pick)

Inked Memories by Carrie Ann Ryan (Romance - Top Pick)

Vengeance by Belle Ami (Romance - Top Pick)

How to Lose an Alien in 10 days by Fiona Roarke (Romance - Top Pick)

Ignite by Lisa Carlisle (Romance - Top Pick)

Field-Tripped by Nicole Archer (Erotic - Top Pick)

Defenseless by Elizabeth Dyer (Romance - Top Pick)

Miss Fix-It by Emma Hart (Romance - Top Pick)

Reckless Behavior by L.A. Witt; Cari Z (GLBT - Top Pick)

The Submissive Muse by Tiffany N. York (Erotic - Top Pick)

New Moon by Lisa Kessler (Romance - Top Pick)

Last Rights by Ava Bradley (Romance - Top Pick)

Habitat for Human Remains by Scott A. Lerner (Romance - Top Pick)

So Over You by Kate Meader (Romance - Top Pick)

Zero Hour by Megan Erickson (Romance - Top Pick)

Mastema's Obsession by Ravenna Tate (Erotic - Top Pick)

Three Rivers Run Deep by Piper Stone (Erotic - Top Pick)

Bad Princess by Julianna Keyes (Romance - Top Pick)

Zandian Pet by Renee Rose (Erotic - Top Pick)

Reviewer's Profile

Robin Leigh Morgan (author, reviewer)
New York City Metropolitan Area

I'm a retired NYCity employee who's been married for 23 years sans children. While "I Kissed a Ghost", a YA [Young Adult] Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance.

I've also written an anthology of 100 Flash Ficti... click here to continue

Bridget (reviewer)
Boston, Massachusetts

An historian by training, I've been reading for as long as I can remember. My first real introduction to romance novels came while I was studying in England and the Library Imps stole all the books I was "supposed" to be reading ... click here to continue

Cafinated Reads (reviewer)
North Carolina, USA

We're a review site that is determined to show readers how much we love romance and reading New Adult and Adult fiction, and everything about that world. Cafinated Reads has been an active blog since August 2009, and hosts a multi... click here to continue

Georgia, USA

To me life isn't fulfilling without a good book, a very bold roast of coffee, a warm cat or two, regular consumption of chocolate, and dining at least once a month at the local FATZ Cafe and my favorite Chinese restaurant. I resid... click here to continue

Nadene R (reviewer)

My name is Nadene. I am an avid reader and have been reading since I was a child. I was introduced to the fantastic world of reading when I was gifted a copy of Wuthering Heights by a family friend. Since then there has ... click here to continue

Belinda Boring (author, reviewer)

A homesick Aussie living amongst the cactus and mountains of Arizona, Belinda Boring is a self proclaimed addict of romance and all things swoon worthy. It wasn't long before she began writing, pouring her imagination and creativi... click here to continue

Rho (reviewer)
East Coast, USA

I have been in love with reading ever since I can remember. I was an only child growing up, so I loved being able to lose myself in a book. I loved being transported to a different place and getting absorbed in the world that th... click here to continue

Vixhen (reviewer)
East Coast

I am a voracious reader. My current obsession is paranormal fiction. However, I like all types of books. I am absolutely attached to my laptop and am a total internet junkie. I am a shopper extraordinaire and hunt out deals like i... click here to continue

Zenith (reviewer)
California, USA

I am currently working on my first full length novel that will be part of a YA dystopian series. I love reading classics, the newest YA, and romance. I believe that reading as much as possible and writing reviews helps in the writ... click here to continue

Leslie (reviewer)
Pacific Northwest

I am an avid fan of the written word. I love the flow and the infinate possibilities of putting words together to create a story. I cherish the rich imagination of the writers that do this so well. I am currently editing my own bo... click here to continue

Linda Hays-Gibbs (author, reviewer)

She was born in Mississippi and lives in Alabama. She went back to school, graduated with a BA in Anthropology from University of Alabama. Reading is like nectar from the Gods to Linda and writing is just plain fun. Her grea... click here to continue

Texas, USA

Call me a book me a book lover...shoot call me a book whore/book bitch - I have no shame in admitting my passion for books. My love affair with reading is a long and wonderful tale I would love to tell, but I won't bor... click here to continue

Rebecca (author, reviewer)
Bolton, UK

My name is Rebecca Bentley. I was born and live in Bolton, UK (Home to the famous director Danny Boyle - who my Dad taught! - famous actor Ian McKellen and famous comedian, Peter Kay. We haven't had a famous author..yet!?)
... click here to continue

SawyerBelle (author, reviewer)

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV to a large and loud family. I spent my childhood creating worlds in which my younger siblings and I would play. A love of stories grew into a love of words and I eventually earned BA degrees ... click here to continue

Nikki Prince (author, reviewer)

I am a mother of two children both under the age of ten. My passion for reading romance began at the young age of 12. So I have been reading romance books for 30 years. I am a lover of chatting and making friends, writing, readi... click here to continue

Krishna (reviewer)

I'm a simple girl from the Philippines who has a great love for reading. I'm 22 years old but I feel like I'm still 16. I'm young and naive sometimes but I'm working on the maturity thing.. I'm getting there!

Evampire (reviewer)
Louisiana, USA

I love exploring new worlds and fascinating characters through books, each and every book that I read holds a special place in my heart, a treasure to own, whether it's paranormal, supernatural, mythological, erotic, action, milit... click here to continue

Maria Rya (reviewer)

I'm a business student doing my bachelor degree. I have a younger brother and I am the only one in my fsmily obsessed with reading. There was a time when I didn't read anything, but Harry Potter changed it all:)) Made me realise ... click here to continue

Caitlyn Lynch (author, reviewer)
Brisbane, Australia

I'm an Australian mum of two who loves to write about men and women in sexy, romantic situations throwing their inhibitions to the wind!

Minnesota, USA

I love to read, and to share those stories with other readers! Books are friends that don't care if you're like me and read every day or if you only have a few minutes every now and then.

A well written book review... click here to continue

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Strike Force by Beth Rhodes (Romance - Top Pick)

Guardian Unraveled by Georgia Lyn Hunter (Romance - Top Pick)

Breaking the Rules by Lexie Davis (Erotic - Top Pick)

The Girl in the Tower by Katherine Arden (Romance - Top Pick)

The Submissive Muse by Tiffany N. York (Erotic - Top Pick)

So Over You by Kate Meader (Romance - Top Pick)

A Cold Dark Promise by Toni Anderson (Romance - Top Pick)

Shake Up by Joyce Palmer (Erotic - Top Pick)

Western Song by Leigh Podgorski (Romance - Top Pick)