Aeryn Jaden

 Antwerpen, Belgium
Aeryn Jaden


I'm twenty-eight going on fifty and swearing I'll never reach it. I am a nomad living a gypsy life, searching for new places and new adventures as soon as summer is back in. Thank God for Internet as I have the unhealthy addiction for reading all that I can get my hands on (with an unhealthy predilection toward more perky genres like erotic literature and seductive m/m stories). As for writing, I started doodling at the age of seven. At eleven I shocked my lit teacher with a sci-fi short love story (by then I was well acquainted with my mom's hidden stash of Sandra Brown and Sidney Sheldon) and…lol.
Finally, after like fifteen years of avid reading, I said what the heck, I should try putting those dirty thoughts on paper. Now I'm hoping my readers will be harder to shock. My purpose is not a lit award (not that I'll ever get that!) but to entertain my readers. Hope I succeed!
You can visit me at my Livejournal address, Or better yet, as it's the Facebook era, just Google "Aeryn Jaden Facebook" and you'll find me and news about my new releases on my Facebook page. I love to hear from my readers! Cheers!
Writing, reading- more obsessions than hobbies.

Photography,music, travelling, crafts. I loved to draw but I'm terrible at it. Or maybe just very good at creating modern art, lol.


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