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I'm an Iron Chef America and Law and Order addict who loves to cook, eat, and read. I wish you could burn a ton of calories being sedentary and eating. Don't you? If only…

Married for 34 years to an amazing man who still astounds me every single day, I'm also the proud mama of three fantastic sons, all of whom are now of legal age. Now if only they'd stop changing majors in college.

Growing up on the Caribbean island of Trinidad where the population is representative of almost every race and nation on the planet, multiculturalism oozes from my pores.

Alpha males, strong heroines, exotic locations, and cultural differences are my forte.

I'm traveling the world through my books. From Manacled, which is set in Monaco, to D is for Desire (set in Trinidad at Carnival time), to White Wolf in rural Washington, to A Paratrooper in a Pear Tree, set outside of Denali National Park in Alaska, to Dark Chocolate Side of the Moon in Sleeping Dog, Texas, and then to Norway in 1028 AD.

My writing career began in 2008. Several of my books have been nominated for awards and prizes:

A Paratrooper in a Pear Tree - Passionate Ink's Best Contemporary of 2009
Deviant Devil – nominated for The Romance Studio's Best Suspense of 2011
The Peacemaker – nominated for The Romance Studio's Best Historical
The Seducer – nominated for Love Romance Café's Best Historical of 2011
Deviant Devil – nominated for Love Romance Café's Best BDSM of 2011

One of the most rewarding aspects of writing is hearing from readers, and nothing makes my day more than an email from someone who's read one of my books. I love to hear what tickles someone's fancy. So far, I've heard from readers from almost every continent on the planet. Almost…

Horse Riding, Cooking,Hiking, Travelling


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