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Kat Barrett


I have always loved to read, but 11 or so years back needed surgery to replace a disk in my neck. While trapped in the house for seven weeks afterwards, I had a great idea for a book, and decided to write it down. I soon learned how bad my grammer had digressed since I was in school :)
I have published the first five books from The Tazarian Saga, but I have since veered away from working on those. My style of writing has changed, and my grammer has improved. I also found that I loved writing odd twists on Erotic Romance.
I live in my small home with my husband of many, many years. Given a chance, I will sit all day and write because I often have no idea what is going to happen until it the characters' cause it to happen.
I'm big into animal rescue, and belong to a group named Basenji Rescue And Transport. I paint, airbrush and recently my husband built me a trike because I can no longer ride a two wheel motorcycle because of bad knees. I have been known to dabble in other forms of art, jewelry making, sculpting ect.I also enjoy gardening and watching nature.


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