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Mary M. Forbes


Born and bred on western stories by Zane Grey and Louis L'Amour, I grew up in the middle of nowhere Saskatchewan. Although modern life intervened, I soon realized the similarities between my life and North American western past. From riding horses, playing cowboys and Indians with real Indians combined with the scenery of vast, open prairies and endless horizons I was living my dream.

I have never forgotten my past or my love of anything country regardless of where I roam. I presently live in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. Travelling over snow-covered, stormy passes or viewing awesome mountain scenery, I now ride a pick-up but my radio still blasts those country tunes that make me feel part of our fascinating North American history.

I belong to the Romance Writer's Association of America and the Alberta Romance Writer's Association and have attended many conventions in both Canada and the USA. I also edit/critique manuscripts. I have published – "Hawk's Gift", "Alberta Wild Rose" "Paradise on the Horizon" all historical romance and - "One Dance with a Stranger", a contemporary romance.

I am an avid reader of all genres. I enjoy the outdoors, history and travelling. My true passions are writing, exploring and researching both in western USA and Canada. I am presently working on a suspense romance - "Seraphim" which I hope to have completed in the spring of 2013.
I enjoy country music, horses, the outdoors, history and travelling and my gigantic family. I like doing crafts sometimes and I often make my own bread - because it's better.


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