Tyra Berger

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Tyra Berger


My love of reading comes from my Grandfather, when I was little he would take me to the library with him at least once a week. To this day one of my favorite sounds was when he would flip the corner pages of a book as he was reading. I don't get a lot of quite time in my house with a husband two very active kids and two LOUD cats, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. You can usually find me in the baseball or basketball bleachers depending on the time of year (sometimes both in one day), and you will always see me with either my ebook reader or a "real" book in my hands. I love to read things that can take me away just for a little while and I love to spend time in the worlds my favorite authors create. I am one of those people that will re-read a book several times because for me it is like visiting with old friends. Thankfully my husband likes to build things out of wood so I just tell him that it's time for another bookshelf and off to the garage he goes.


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