Charlotte Symonds

 New York, USA
Charlotte Symonds


A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN and so did I. Proudly, I admit from the Park Slope area. It is there where my roots began and where my personality and values developed. It's there where I learned the true meaning of friendship and of love. It is also where I learned the importance of laughter and where I formulated my sense of humor. I was fortunate to have been raised by parents so deeply in love that I became a hopeful romantic.
Brooklyn is a cauldron of diversity, but when introduced to the Italian culture at a young age by my friend Marie, I was fascinated with it. I was drawn into it with its deep family loyalties, the tightness of the extended family ties, the acceptance of true friends as family, and of course the food. In my twenties was the first time I had met anyone who was Deaf. We became friends and she introduced me to the culture of the Deaf world. Intriguingly, it is with this culture where I have focused most of my career. I have worked with the Deaf community in a variety of capacities, two of my favorites being, the teaching of American Sign Language and Interpreting.
I currently live in New York. My true passion is writing. I've seen bumper stickers that say "I'd rather be sailing, fishing, skiing" or some other activity. If I could find one, I'd put on my bumper, "I'd rather be writing".
An interest of mine is learning new information about the universe, through magazines, books and documentaries. I also enjoy shooting photography.


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