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N. Christine Samuelson


Christine's novels deal with journeys through life and love, their challenges and relationships; and are influenced by the mystery, magic, and mysticism in everyday life - through love, loss and grief; and exploring how people overcome heartbreak and tragedy.

Her new book, ETERNAL SEAS, has received 5 STAR rating on Amazon:
I could not put this book down. I read it on my Kindle in two days; and have ordered several hard copies to give to my friends. Ms. Samuelson has the talent for writing dialogue, and describing places, people, and feelings. Eternal Seas is full of intrigue, romance, and action along with a peacefulness throughout - a love for life, before, during and after. Reading this uplifting book, with its surprise and unexpected ending, will keep your interest throughout. You will not be disappointed.

With experiencing ideologies from the intellectual to the psychological, emotional, religious, physical and spiritual, she also delved into alternative ways of thinking and healing with: spirituality; intuition; metaphysics; Eastern philosophies (karma/past lives) and practices; prophetic dream interpretation; and different forms of spiritual/psychological counseling.

In sharing these ideas through fictional characters and stories, she hopes readers will be open to looking at life and love through a different lens, be inspired to expand their horizons, and to find magic and miracles in love and everyday life.

After a lifetime so far of having travelled through 44 states, and having lived in 14 cities in 10 states – from east coast to west, north to south, and from mountains to sea, she's settled in coastal South Carolina, unless destiny has something different in mind. She is currently refining two almost completed novels, working on a new one, and, as ever—creating something new to share.
When not writing, Christine loves books and learning. Reading is a passion as is walking the beaches for exercise and inspiration. She also explores the historic, as well as popular sights in the beautiful, coastal region of South Carolina.

To relax, she loves movies, music, celebrating with family and friends, and finds that selective spiritual/metaphysical pursuits expand her horizons on life and all its mysteries.


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