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Hi, my name is Isabelle.
I'm 38 years old.
I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
I'm hapilly married with 3 kids (15, 13, 10), too many animals and an in-house-library full of books.
I'm an avid-book-reader and I usually read about 6 books at week.

I love to read romance of any kind, but mostly I like my HEA.
I read all things romances: historical, PNR, erotica, BDSM, M/M, menage, comedy, mystery, gothic, contemporary, I guess almost anything in the romance category.

I have a personal blog, on which I post my book reviews, blog hops, book tours, and anything book related that catch my fancy.

When I was a teen I moved to the United States and finished high school there. After, HS I went on and attended university majoring in English. I went through all stages of a book-maniac, I loved lit, but romance was always my choice for a good time.

While in the States, I met my own ALPHA MALE, in my own romantic story.
I moved back to Brazil in 2001, but my passion for romance novels and my habit of reading it in English stayed with me.

I've decided to create my blog after I've joined Goodreads. By reading others readers's reviews, I have found new genres, new authors and many new books.
I'm always changing and improving my reviews, and I'm a great believer of daily dose of learning is essential for human growth.

I'm a member at goodreads and I post a review for all the books that I read, no exception. I'm also part of several groups and I usually talk and recommend books in these groups. You can find me here at goodreads: reviews are also posted on my blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr and G+. When asked I'll post my review on Amazon, but it usually need editing to fit.

When I'm not reading, I'm either watching tv series with my daughter, on a jogging or spinning class with my friends, at a restaurant with my husband, at the beach with my sons, or at the movies with my entire family.
Oh, my family also share a passion for traveling, so we are always globetrotting on any vacation we got.


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