Patricia Bond

 New York, USA
Patricia Bond


Ever since my first encounter with a long hooped skirt gown at age 5, I fell in love with the style. My love of historical romance began a bit later, when I discovered Gladys Malvern's books and scoured the public library for every one I could find. Reading Gone With the Wind as a teenager cemented my suspicion that I was born about 100 years too late. I daydreamed about writing novels but knew it was beyond my ability at that time. Instead, I tried my hand at poetry and really bad iambic pentameter flowed from my fingers. Thankfully, for the world at large, it was a short-lived obsession.
After attending an all-girl high school run by Felician nuns, went to a local men's college that had just opened its doors to women. (A Libra, I understand the need for balance.) I earned my B.A. in English, and met my future husband there. Many years, four children and a grandchild later, the man who made me see fireworks with the first kiss is still my go-to research assistant for all things romantic.
The desire to write books never left, even as I worked selling property and casualty insurance, Avon, and craft kits. I sold luggage at a local department store to earn the money to attend my first RWA national conference and finally can admit to hiding a legal pad under my counter where I wrote scenes in between customers. I still does much of my writing longhand. (100 years too late, remember?)
RWA is the best thing to happen to my writing career, teaching the art as well as the craft of writing. It also brought me together with four of the most amazing women I've ever known - critique partners and friends. Special thanks and much love to Helen, Karen, Carol and Jan.
I lives in Western New York one mile from the home I grew up in. You can often find me at the lakeside, camera and notebook in hand.
Amateur photography, Reiki master, Guild knitter, aspiring (but really bad) artist, Grandma & baker (aren't those the same thing?)


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