Rae Spencer

Rae Spencer


Rae Spencer lives in the beautiful Penns Woods, a country girl at heart, she loves to read and write romance, fantasy, and poetry. She enjoys being out in nature and loves the beauty to be found but her reclusiveness, eccentricity, and dry sarcastic sense of humor gets her in trouble at times. Rae calls herself the 'black sheep' of her family, being very different in personality and looks, and relishes the fact. She has a fetish for rock and roll especially bass players, peanut M&M's, history, genealogy, and coffee.

Rae's idea of exercise is a few swings of her hula-hoop, dancing around the living room when alone, walking up and down the stairs to do laundry, and taking care of her granddaughter. As an avid dog lover, she supports various pet related causes, and has three dogs: an AmStaff, Border Collie, and Pomeranian. Starting over in multiple aspects of her life, Rae is pursuing her dreams and has released four novella's "Beyond A Proposition", "For Everything", "Only You Butterfly", "Claiming Her Tomorrows", and a short story "Cigány Flame" included in the anthology "Indulgence", all released by Lazy Day Publishing.

Rae believes her love of historical romances played a large role in helping her pass her High School History classes and for cultivating her love of History. She hopes those who read her stories loose themselves for a little while in the story and leave the dredge of reality behind them forgetting their troubles, if only for a few moments.


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