Sultry Summers

 Smoky Mountains - Tennessee
Sultry Summers


My favorite saying is; Escapism is the first stage of Imagination / or is it the other way around? I invite you all to visit my website at and join me in escaping. I have recently published my first Indie e-book, Blood of the Ruby Throne and one of my e-published books remains up as well. Tail of the Dragon through Decadent Publishers. All previous works are out of publication. I have them available for you pursual on my website. Along with new adventures in the works, I'll be slowly bringing some of these back.
I enjoy few activities more than writing among those are cooking gardening, riding my bicycle, sewing, (cross-stitching) and on occasion, painting. I love to hike, especially since we've moved to the mountains. Berry picking, in season, has also become a favorite activity and making jam to last through the winter months. Yummy!


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