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I am the owner of Vera's Book Reviews and Stuff. I am a reviewer for The Romance Reviews, The Baker Publishing Group, Net Galley, Reading Alley, and for authors who request reviews.

I review all genres of books. I read everything from A to Z and anything in-between. The only exception is as follow: As of August 2016, I no longer review erotica, explicit, or graphic sexual books, or books containing continuous/repeated over and over vulgarity such as F Bomb, mf words, c word etc. This is not an indictment of any genre or author, rather a spiritual and personal decision I was led to make.

I have always loved books and have been an avid reader since my teens.

I read each book in its entirety before I post a review to insure an honest unbiased review. Please keep in mind that each review is my opinion of the book which could vary from your opinion.

I also post DIY recipes. I share recipes I have personally made and used.

My purpose for reviewing is to give honest book reviews to enhance your reading pleasure and DIY recipes that are chemically free and earth friendly.

I am a life long resident of the Southeastern coastal seaboard and live in hurricane alley. It seldom snows here, but we have cold temperatures in the winter. Our town is the home of the one of the largest Marine Corp Bases. We love and support our military community of brave men and women and their families. Semper Fi!
reading and reviewing all genre
Creating and testing DIY recipes


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