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This holiday season, love is on the menu.

A desperate woman. An alien warrior. A passion that will change the fate of humankind.

England and Scotland collide in this tale of revenge, betrayal, hope, and passion

Vengeance and destruction are all he has left. A new intense, psychological dark romance!

"On your knees, pet."

Love thrilling, steamy paranormal romance? Dive into the Undercover Elementals series.

"Greed, power, and genetics combine with a steamy love story..."- Chanticleer Reviews

Sometimes 'the one' is a monster...

A whirlwind romantic comedy that is as profound as it is funny...

It's Medieval knights on the high seas!

Darroch jilted Isabel. No wait! Isabel jilted Darroch. Who benefits from the confusion?

Tempting their best friend has never been so sweet...or delicious

A Viking prince will need more than his warrior's skill to win this bride.

She's wearing one man's ring while attracted to another. What could possibly go wrong?

She will never submit to the man who killed her best matter what destiny says.

She wanted one night. He needed forever.

FOR NOW AND FOREVER is book #1 in the debut of a dazzling new romance series!

First Love. Second chance romance. What can stand in their way this time?

Just one gaze from her big dark eyes stirred my body and soul to the point of no return.

Mend Your Heart by Tracey Alvarez (Romance - Top Pick)

A Rake's Guide to Seduction by Caroline Linden (Romance - Top Pick)

Legacy of Evil by Sharon Buchbinder (Romance - Top Pick)

Balancing the Scales by Laura Carter (Romance - Top Pick)

The Royal Marine by Dahlia Donovan (GLBT - Top Pick)

Last Rights by Ava Bradley (Romance - Top Pick)

Dirty Filthy Fix by Laurelin Paige (Erotic - Top Pick)



Books Reviewed

132 people found the following review helpful

House of Immortal Pleasures
Book Reviewed by Nicole

Unique and original, the HOUSEOF IMMORTAL PLEASURES was a fun read.

Daphne's friends know just the way to help heal Daphne's tattered heart: the famed vampire brothel, House of Immortal Pleasures, of course! The sexy...

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120 people found the following review helpful

Use Your Illusion
Book Reviewed by Nicole

USE YOUR ILLUSION explores one college boy's willingness to do anything to have one night with his crush.

Brent is a sexy football player who, to Tanner, seems straight as an arrow. Tanner has had a quiet crush on Brent...

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115 people found the following review helpful

Unwrapping Amy
Book Reviewed by Nicole

Unwrapping Amy by Emily Ryan-Davis is a short story about a husband and wife who have come to a crossroads at their marriage: Amy wants a different form of pleasure than Mac is willing to give her. Every marriage hits bumps along the...

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143 people found the following review helpful

Book Reviewed by Nicole

Liason is the first book in the Soul Bond series by Ambrielle Kirk. My review of this story will probably be as short as the book itself, but mainly positive. Leona, the Queen of a witch coven and Carrick, a virtuous demon who longs...

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128 people found the following review helpful

The Spy Who Saved Christmas
Book Reviewed by Nicole

The Spy who Saved Christmas by Dana Marton is the first Harlequin Intrigue novel I have read, and my feelings toward the novel are lukewarm.

Reid is an undercover agent who met Lara Jordan, the only girl who has ever...

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167 people found the following review helpful

Caught by Surprise
Book Reviewed by Nicole

This book left me with a happy buzz, and that is a rare achievement for me with a romance novel devoid of paranormal elements. I have read many, many novels about falling in love and finding oneself along the way but this one had an...

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154 people found the following review helpful

Book Reviewed by Nicole

In Wicked Temptation, Trey made a mistake that cost him his heart mates. To pay penance for this mistake Trey must travel through multiple timelines to bring together preordained couples. To save humanity and his heart mates, Trey...

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Love only works when your heart is in the right place. Hers could be right next door...

Fun, Flirty & Sweet Romance with a Dash of Heat!

The Perfect Gentleman by Delaney Foster (Romance - Top Pick)

Last Rights by Ava Bradley (Romance - Top Pick)

An Earl in Wolf's Clothing by Emily Windsor (Romance - Top Pick)

Balancing the Scales by Laura Carter (Romance - Top Pick)

A Cold Dark Promise by Toni Anderson (Romance - Top Pick)

Second Heart by Zaide Bishop (GLBT - Top Pick)

The Alibi by Marilyn Baron (Romance - Top Pick)